Setting Small Goals For Big Goals

Sometimes we are afraid of dreaming big. We think of the different impossibilities and the hurdles we need to take just to achieve our dreams. But actually, when you dream big, it doesn’t mean you will have to start big as well. No. Only the richest in the world can do this.

Work on the smallest ingredient of your dream and gradually, push yourself to work on the bigger ones. The only thing you need at this point is to have great determination. No one actually starts from the top. Even the people who became the most wealthy all over the world, start their journey from scratch. They start from a small scale and turn out into big. They made it because they are determined. Though it will take time, they are willing to do it until they reach their final goal.

Follow these simple tips on how to break down one big puzzle into smaller problems that you need to solve.

Crackdown your big goal.
Know the bottom line of your big goal. Just like if you are asked to build a building. Before it stands as high and big as a mountain, workers start building it with small pieces of bricks and stone. Without the little materials, the building could not stand all alone.

Make a plan.
Start making an appropriate plan on how to solve the jigsaw puzzle of your big goal. You start by making a feasible and practical plan. This includes all of the problems that you see you will face in the near future. You should have suggested and realistic solutions to each one of these problems.

Write down achievable goals.
Set achievable goals either per week or per month. You can also make it per day if you want. Be realistic at any cost and don’t fantasize. Determine what you can really achieve on a short time basis to not waste your time, money, and effort.

Prepare yourself for larger tasks.
Gradually when you already become more capable of handling different things and situations, your next step is to start acting. Start making that dream a reality.

Celebrate your achievements. With these tips in mind, you can make everything happen according to your plan. In every challenge you face and achievement you reach, every little effort you put on it is worth it. Failures really come along the way. But don’t forget to always dust yourself off and start again (from scratch if it’s what’s necessary).