Does Your Diet Affect Your Happiness?

Food affects your mood. There are foods that energize  and perk you up, and there are also those that makes you feel lethargic and groggy.
Mode of ignorance, passion, and goodness—what are the differences?
Food is categorized in three different modes—ignorance, passion, and goodness. And each category has a different effect on the emotion of a person.
Food that is in the mode of ignorance is made up of scraps and is processed using procedures that you may see as gross. These foods make you feel lethargic and sickly. Food that is in  the mode of passion are those that are savory, sweet, salty, meaty, and are loaded with cholesterol. These foods bring your emotion a punch, which lasts for few hours. It perks you up and makes you feel re-energized. However, when consumed most of the time, these foods will give you certain diseases eventually. And the last mode on the other hand, the mode of goodness are foods that gives your body a drastic wholesome feel—invigorating and cleansing. These foods when taken daily, won’t give you diseases, rather it will improve your health and emotions.
Examples of food that brings happiness
Below are the types of food that in the category of mode of passion that administers happy hormones in your body.

  • Chocolates
  • Cake
  • Ice cream
  • Pizza
  • Fried chicken
  • Donuts

And for foods that are in the mode of goodness are:

  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Dates
  • Grapes
  • Banana
  • Nuts

However, between passion and goodness, it is the food that are in mode of goodness that provide a long-lasting effect to your body. They not only make you feel happy emotionally, but they also keep your heart and health happy and away from diseases brought to us by food that are in the mode of passion and ignorance.

Coffee and caffeine-laden drinks
Coffees and sodas are not secret in giving you a jolt of happiness and energy. These beverages are enriched with sugar that stimulates your adrenal glands to pump out happy hormones. Drinking coffee and soda is linked to improving emotions such as happiness, tranquility, and calmness. They also boost your productivity level and reduce stress. In fact, studies show that people who drink three cups of coffee a day is more likely to avoid depression than those who drink less than two cups. However, drinking too much of these caffeinated drinks is also associated with insomnia, obesity, and fatigue.


Changing a diet can be daunting. It takes one brave soul to switch from one diet to another especially when you will be following the path of a holistic lifestyle. Freshly-prepared meals that are packed with wholesome ingredients are the best type of food that enables your body to heal itself, balance hormones, clean toxins, and uplift your spirit.


If you want to feel more invigorated, refreshed, energized, beautiful, cleansed, and happy, choose your food carefully. Follow a healthy lifestyle, don’t consume foods that are laden with chemicals, bad cholesterol, and toxic.

10 Ways to Make Life More Vibrant

In this day and age, influenced immensely by computer technology and other tech advancements, life can sometimes feel monotonous. You’ve probably watched every single blockbuster hit, followed all YouTube sensations, or played your favorite video games to your heart’s content, but without any satisfaction whatsoever. The boredom was kept at bay for a while, but the dullness of life gradually starts creeping in after each episode of so-called ‘enjoyment.’ The iPhone you’ve been desiring and contemplating upon for so long simply is not what you expected at all. Great expectations and false promises, that’s all these material things offer. If you feel this dullness and emptiness I speak of, here are 10 ways to make life more vibrant.

Appreciate the little things in life.
Count your blessings. Be thankful for what you have and not what you lack. This message can be said in a variety of ways but the point stays quite clear.

Break the ice of monotony.
Do something new and challenging every once in awhile. Stepping out of your comfort zone is something you will find really helpful in making an otherwise tedious life more exciting. Chase that one crazy childhood dream of yours, like conquering Everest or going bungee jumping or whatever.

Own a pet.
If you have had it with all the dating and break-ups, perhaps a furry friend is all you need to fill that void in your heart. Instead of engaging in the superficial antics of dating and the hopeless search for the one, try adopting a pet. Visit an animal shelter. There are lots of homeless cats and dogs that need love and care. All the love you’ve been saving in your heart should not go to waste.  Share that love with those who truly need it.

Engage in charitable work.
Getting a pet is only the beginning of your journey back to true humanity and compassion. By doing charity, you are sharing and spreading your love to other human beings who are less fortunate. And love is what truly makes life more vibrant and colorful.

Plant a tree.
Spend more time in the garden. Reconnect with nature. Instead of spending so much on the latest gadgets, use your hard-earned money to visit the most beautiful places on earth. The shallow and fleeting enjoyment from an Xbox can never truly compare to the peaceful satisfaction gained from witnessing firsthand the stunning beauty of nature.

Lead a healthier and more meaningful life.
Get lots of fresh air and plenty of exercise. If you’ve been meaning to go vegetarian but just can’t, it’s okay. Take it one step at a time. Going meatless at least once a week is a good way to start. Sometimes, these little changes are all you need to rejuvenate your life.

Have family time.
Reconnect with your childhood. It’s probably the liveliest phase in your life before going through the tough stages of puberty and adulthood. Visit your parents not just during holidays. Spend the weekend with them. Bring your kids along and their grandparents will definitely be smiling from ear to ear. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing your aging parents’ faces light up upon seeing their grandchildren.

Have time for friends.
Always be ready to share and lend a helping hand. A self-centered life can be a dull one. On the other hand, a selfless, other-centered life is in fact more satisfying.

Have ‘me’ time.
Aside from occasionally going to the salon and spa for pampering, you should also give time for introspection and self-reflection. Go to a quiet and peaceful place where you can find your balance and gain insights from within.

Reconnecting with your spiritual roots drives away all the dark clouds. With inner peace and satisfaction, your life will be full of meaning, rich in purpose and ultimately more vibrant.

3 Activities I Do To Give Me Drive

Let’s face it. You are not always motivated to work on your life goals. Sometimes, you just want to laze around, hang out, and pig out. Problems only arise when you are hooked up in procrastinating and you don’t want to go back to reaching your goals anymore (or maybe your dreams have now turned into a side thing).

When you are side-tracked from a particular thing and find yourself unable to make progress, this is the hardest part of reaching your goals. This is the time when your laziness hits you so hard, you don’t even want to move and proceed. This is where something happened.

Along the way, something in your life happened that made you lose track. Before getting upset at yourself by not proceeding with your plans, find that single event in your life that had caused you to stop. Think about it. Track it down. And ask yourself what can you do to move on? Should you bring it along with your plans? How will it fit? If not, how do you solve the puzzle so you can start working on your ideas, goals, and future again? How will it affect your plans if you take it with you? What will happen if you don’t?

Ponder on these things and introspect before you make your first step again. This will recharge your life, clear your thoughts, and help you make better decisions. You may even go to a retreat to prepare yourself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for your upcoming battles.

And when you are finally recharged, try these three highly efficient steps to fuel your dreams.

A mission to help.
See your dreams as an obligation and responsibility that you need to do to several people. That if you don’t do it, other people will be affected. That they don’t have anything to rely on except when your dreams materialize. People need you. People need your ideas. If this is how should you view your dreams, you will be driven to always make something valuable out of your time not for your benefit, but for the benefit of those you love.

Make gradual but small goals.
You have this dream of earning $1 million this year. So what do you do to keep yourself motivated while reaching for your goal? Lower that amount in your head. Try saying to yourself, you need to earn at least $83,000 this month. And then next month, and so on. Giving yourself a breather and thinking of a smaller number make the load a little lighter. With this, you don’t get stuck in a moment of how you are going to make a million dollars.

Track your progress.
Seeing if you are progressing or not every once in awhile will make you feel driven to do something about it. When you see yourself, slowly drifting away, move back up and remember tip number one. If you see that you are progressing, see the aspects where you are improving and make gradual progress.