Getting My Life Prioritized

Every day I’m asking myself about the kind of life I want to have. I can’t easily come up with the answer because of so many thoughts and worries that are running through my mind. Even when I’m trying to convince myself that I want this or that, I always end up confused by the uncertainties, the “but’s”, and the “what if’s”. It’s sad and unnatural, but it seems like I almost forgot my very own existence.

Sometimes you will be in a situation where you are obliged to do so many things your mind tells you to do. Until time passes you by and you already forgot what you really want, and neglect to see things that are more important. Your own life becomes your least priority and in the end, you feel regretful and unhappy.

No one wants to feel sorry for themselves. Everyone has their own dreams and ambitions. Time is short so better not squander it and regret the days you left without doing anything special. Make your life prioritized. Grab your pen and piece of paper and write down the things that will benefit your own life and happiness.

Here is how you can make your heart and mind decide what will be your life priority.

List down everything that is important to you.
This will depend on your life interest. For some, their life interest is their family. They dedicate their life to their family and make them their top priority. While for others what matters most is their own personal achievement. Whether money, career, good health, and spiritual advancement. Decide what matters to you most and list them one after another starting from what is more valuable to the least important.

List down your usual activities.
This is where you often spend your time every day or most of the time. Aside from work, most people usually spend their time on their hobbies and in developing skills. These activities are natural for everyone, however sometimes these are considered only a side trip. But if you find happiness in it, and that you can be yourself in it, consider your hobbies and talents as something that you need to prioritize in. Who knows, you could be the next big wonder.


After listing down everything that you want to achieve and want to do, decide then what will be your life priority. Know it by your heart and think about it very clearly.

Now that you have decided where do you want to lead your life, make it happen.