Don’t Feel Bad About Having Fun

Having fun is quite an innate experience for all of us. It is what we learned first when we were just growing up. Some of us may feel guilty when we are having fun because during our childhood, we were reprimanded because we were chortling too much on the side while we were with our parents. Or possibly, when growing up, we think that doing something that we think is fun, is not socially acceptable.

Enjoy life to fullest
The guilty feeling is also one glue which keeps our community intact prompting us to observe the best concern of the community and act at its best interest. Enjoying your life is not bad at all; disregarding happiness will not help you any way. No one will benefit if you constantly remove the joys out of your own life. Instead, you should enjoy the good things that come in your life and cherish it.

Be aware and thankful for the bits and pieces of fun moments that come to you in your daily life. Ultimately these fun things that we do are the ones that are worth remembering. They give us the energy and strength to live our life more at peace.

You don’t even have to feel bad about the little things that make you happy like taking the last slice of the pizza or cake. It should not make you feel guilty if you take the last item on any get-together. You do not have to create a picture in your head like you are gobbling it right up and everyone is watching you.

When being alone means happiness and fulfillment
You do not even have to feel bad when you are doing things all alone as long as you personally see it fun. It is not a sign of being anti-social. Some things are simply done better alone than involving other people around. And you don’t have to feel guilty if you are single. No one is entitled to make a judgment about your status. Your parents do not have to nag you about when your girlfriend or boyfriend would be coming for a visit.

Having fun can be a good way to boost our social and personal life. Having fun with our friends build a long-lasting relationship and trust, having fun with our family helps our family ties grow stronger. It is alright to feel guilty once you have too much, but always make sure that when you are having fun you are not stepping on other people’s feelings.

Don’t feel bad about having fun!