Switching Up Your Living Space For Vibrancy

Our home is where we share the foundation, values, and principles with our siblings. It is where we grow together. These traits become the family’s common and shared sense of principles.  Our home is the comfort of the community, the accomplishment of the church, and the affluence of the country.  So how do you tweak your living space to make it livelier?

Choose colors that uplift your mood
When we do house interior designs one way to boost it is to choose the colors that would reflect or inspire our emotions, set a specific mood to a room or create an illusion of space. It is one way of producing a healthy and good-looking home.

Choose bright colors
One way to create an illusion of space is by using bright colors like yellow to make the room brighter and more effervescent. Using common white colors is not as effective, although it creates space; it is not as effective as compared to bright colors.

Red on the other hand, has been observed to create an appetite. It goes well in the kitchen and is one reason why some food chains have red patterns, walls or table cloths.

Choose warm and inviting colors
You can warm up your home with deep tones like red and oranges, and colors of that hue to make it more welcoming. Red though, can have an effect for people who have high blood pressure and is usually associated with irritability. Deep tones however, can be a nice color during the winter time as it creates an earnest feeling during the cold days. Colder tones can be used during hot and summer days like blue. They make your home feel fresh and clean during those hot days.

Choose basic colors
You can also use familiar colors that make you remember your childhood days, to remind you of your tender remembrances. It can make you reminisce the past and would make for a pleasant mood.  You can also embrace relaxing colors on your bathroom or bedroom like the shades of blue, lavender, or any dark shade to make you more relaxed and comfortable. These colors have been proven to make you feel calm and tranquil.

Green can be used in the office or if you have a home office. The color makes you feel more concentrated on what you are doing and makes you do your job faster. The yellow shade can inspire optimism and can be used in the entryway of your house to boost your optimism.

Setting Small Goals For Big Goals

Sometimes we are afraid of dreaming big. We think of the different impossibilities and the hurdles we need to take just to achieve our dreams. But actually, when you dream big, it doesn’t mean you will have to start big as well. No. Only the richest in the world can do this.

Work on the smallest ingredient of your dream and gradually, push yourself to work on the bigger ones. The only thing you need at this point is to have great determination. No one actually starts from the top. Even the people who became the most wealthy all over the world, start their journey from scratch. They start from a small scale and turn out into big. They made it because they are determined. Though it will take time, they are willing to do it until they reach their final goal.

Follow these simple tips on how to break down one big puzzle into smaller problems that you need to solve.

Crackdown your big goal.
Know the bottom line of your big goal. Just like if you are asked to build a building. Before it stands as high and big as a mountain, workers start building it with small pieces of bricks and stone. Without the little materials, the building could not stand all alone.

Make a plan.
Start making an appropriate plan on how to solve the jigsaw puzzle of your big goal. You start by making a feasible and practical plan. This includes all of the problems that you see you will face in the near future. You should have suggested and realistic solutions to each one of these problems.

Write down achievable goals.
Set achievable goals either per week or per month. You can also make it per day if you want. Be realistic at any cost and don’t fantasize. Determine what you can really achieve on a short time basis to not waste your time, money, and effort.

Prepare yourself for larger tasks.
Gradually when you already become more capable of handling different things and situations, your next step is to start acting. Start making that dream a reality.

Celebrate your achievements. With these tips in mind, you can make everything happen according to your plan. In every challenge you face and achievement you reach, every little effort you put on it is worth it. Failures really come along the way. But don’t forget to always dust yourself off and start again (from scratch if it’s what’s necessary).

Getting My Life Prioritized

Every day I’m asking myself about the kind of life I want to have. I can’t easily come up with the answer because of so many thoughts and worries that are running through my mind. Even when I’m trying to convince myself that I want this or that, I always end up confused by the uncertainties, the “but’s”, and the “what if’s”. It’s sad and unnatural, but it seems like I almost forgot my very own existence.

Sometimes you will be in a situation where you are obliged to do so many things your mind tells you to do. Until time passes you by and you already forgot what you really want, and neglect to see things that are more important. Your own life becomes your least priority and in the end, you feel regretful and unhappy.

No one wants to feel sorry for themselves. Everyone has their own dreams and ambitions. Time is short so better not squander it and regret the days you left without doing anything special. Make your life prioritized. Grab your pen and piece of paper and write down the things that will benefit your own life and happiness.

Here is how you can make your heart and mind decide what will be your life priority.

List down everything that is important to you.
This will depend on your life interest. For some, their life interest is their family. They dedicate their life to their family and make them their top priority. While for others what matters most is their own personal achievement. Whether money, career, good health, and spiritual advancement. Decide what matters to you most and list them one after another starting from what is more valuable to the least important.

List down your usual activities.
This is where you often spend your time every day or most of the time. Aside from work, most people usually spend their time on their hobbies and in developing skills. These activities are natural for everyone, however sometimes these are considered only a side trip. But if you find happiness in it, and that you can be yourself in it, consider your hobbies and talents as something that you need to prioritize in. Who knows, you could be the next big wonder.


After listing down everything that you want to achieve and want to do, decide then what will be your life priority. Know it by your heart and think about it very clearly.

Now that you have decided where do you want to lead your life, make it happen.

3 Activities I Do To Give Me Drive

Let’s face it. You are not always motivated to work on your life goals. Sometimes, you just want to laze around, hang out, and pig out. Problems only arise when you are hooked up in procrastinating and you don’t want to go back to reaching your goals anymore (or maybe your dreams have now turned into a side thing).

When you are side-tracked from a particular thing and find yourself unable to make progress, this is the hardest part of reaching your goals. This is the time when your laziness hits you so hard, you don’t even want to move and proceed. This is where something happened.

Along the way, something in your life happened that made you lose track. Before getting upset at yourself by not proceeding with your plans, find that single event in your life that had caused you to stop. Think about it. Track it down. And ask yourself what can you do to move on? Should you bring it along with your plans? How will it fit? If not, how do you solve the puzzle so you can start working on your ideas, goals, and future again? How will it affect your plans if you take it with you? What will happen if you don’t?

Ponder on these things and introspect before you make your first step again. This will recharge your life, clear your thoughts, and help you make better decisions. You may even go to a retreat to prepare yourself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for your upcoming battles.

And when you are finally recharged, try these three highly efficient steps to fuel your dreams.

A mission to help.
See your dreams as an obligation and responsibility that you need to do to several people. That if you don’t do it, other people will be affected. That they don’t have anything to rely on except when your dreams materialize. People need you. People need your ideas. If this is how should you view your dreams, you will be driven to always make something valuable out of your time not for your benefit, but for the benefit of those you love.

Make gradual but small goals.
You have this dream of earning $1 million this year. So what do you do to keep yourself motivated while reaching for your goal? Lower that amount in your head. Try saying to yourself, you need to earn at least $83,000 this month. And then next month, and so on. Giving yourself a breather and thinking of a smaller number make the load a little lighter. With this, you don’t get stuck in a moment of how you are going to make a million dollars.

Track your progress.
Seeing if you are progressing or not every once in awhile will make you feel driven to do something about it. When you see yourself, slowly drifting away, move back up and remember tip number one. If you see that you are progressing, see the aspects where you are improving and make gradual progress.