Summer of 2015, I found myself drowning in debt and depression. Working at a job that I hated (still am), feeling uncomfortable around the people I was calling friends and just feeling lethargic everyday. Then on one Friday night as I was doing my usually boring routine of sipping on a glass of wine and spending hours on Netflix just to find movie to fall asleep too, while stalking social media all at the same time.. I seen a meme. Yes, a profound meme. As silly as it sounds, this meme flipped a switch in me.

no way

This was the meme that got the ball rolling for me. I realized that I was living in a comfort zone and it wasn’t even a comfortable comfort zone for me. So what did I do? Nothing. My brain just went into hyperactive mode, just dwelling on these new thoughts. I started to hate my job even more, judging my friends even more than before. I pretty much hit rock bottom mentally, but you know what they say “it’s only up from here”. That couldn’t have been truer for me. This blog is like documentation for to prove to myself that happiness is possible. I will be sharing everything I learn about myself financially, morally, and emotionally.


It’s been almost a year now and I can say that I’m truly different person. My life was grey before, but now it’s more vibrant than I thought possible.