Tips For Low Budget Small Business Video Production

While companies both large and small stand to benefit from using video content, small businesses may need to approach the production process with more strategy. For instance, producing a live action video can cost between 1 to 50 thousand dollars, while animated video is equally steep from 1 to 30 thousand. Even a simple piece of video testimonial content can be a few hundred dollars. Small businesses don’t usually have so much money to throw around. Fortunately, there are is a low budget approach to video production. Here are five tips on how to get started with little cash:

Consider reusing old photos and material – An easy way to save money on the video production process is by re-purposing old material. This means weaving in old photos and even video clips to help create an all new piece. If you already have a webpage for your business, a social media website such as Facebook, or some type of content like a brochure, you already have a large collection of photos to use.

In particular, you’ll want to keep an eye out for photos that either feature you alongside your workspace or store, the product, your customers using said product, or your logo. Once you have them, compile the photos such that someone can readily determine what they are looking at. This mean captions and titles. Envision the story you want the video to tell.

Do it yourself – Rather than hiring a professional, do it yourself for less with a simple handheld camera. However, keep in mind that a minimum level of professionalism will go far. This means good lighting to showcase your product or persons in the best way, a stable and focused shot, and a landscaped instead of vertical shot.

Tap into on hand talent – Rather than pay money for celebrities or actors to pose alongside your stuff, look within your company. When you let your team take part or even star in the company video, it builds the overall character of your organization. See it as a free way to boost worker morale.

Editing for free – Who needs to hire expensive professionals to edit your video? There are many affordable tools that can be used to edit and organize photos or video pieces to create original video content. Some examples of free and easy to use editing tools are Windows Movie Maker and iMovie. However, if you lack any editing know how whatsoever, there are even easier options that help edit video more quickly such as Animoto. This program makes the photo and video compilation process a breeze. You’ll even get help when it comes to music, captions, and other handy effects.

Affordable licensed music – Music is important when it comes to setting the right tone for your message. However, most small businesses cannot afford to license the music they use commercially. However, there are plenty of free and affordable options when it comes to licensing music. Many actually collect and keep thousands of tracks that are already commercially licensed and ready to use.