Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Because the Night

I know it's summer in most areas of the northern hemisphere, but I couldn't help but post a selection of these wintery images of Jamie Bochert from Vice magazine. I love her personal style, and any time she wears Ann Demeulemeester it's a match made in heaven. Jamie seems to be a polarizing model- it seems people either love her or hate her (or at least don't "understand" her beauty)

Jamie Bochert - Vice Magazine

Jamie Bochert - Vice Magazine

Jamie Bochert - Vice Magazine

Jamie Bochert - Vice Magazine

Jamie Bochert - Vice Magazine

Photos: Samantha Rapp
Stylist: Cristian Stroble at Walter Schupfer Management
Stylist's Assistant: Victoria Cameron
Hair: Ramona Eschbach, using Oribe Haircare at Jed Root
Makeup: Valerie Gasparis
Model: Jamie Bochert at Elite


GlassOrganelle said...

It's cool and Wintery down south (although I do wish it were pretty and snowing here, rather than just wet and chilly) and these are perfect. I adore Jamie Bochert, so I guess I lay on that side of the fence. The last photo of her profile is stunning.

I've noticed a distinct lack of Ann pieces in my regular rotation, which is odd considering her collections have me falling in love with her again every season.

Madison Stephens said...

Jamie was made for Ann. xx

Stephanie said...

GlassO- I would love to "summer" in Australia so I could enjoy cool weather (and dressing in layers) year round!

I'm pretty in love with Ann's new fall collection. I need to start saving for those combat boots and a degrade dress! I'm getting really obsessed with tracking down things from old collections, so I soo wish I could have been in Antwerp for her stock sale.

I kinda swing back and forth between Rick and Ann (with some other designers thrown in between) depending on my mood or the social situation. Sometimes Rick is too "aggressive" and Ann steps in.

Stephanie said...

Madison- she really was. It suits her so well. said...

Beautiful woman, beautiful clothes.
Unfortunately I own only one Ann Demeulemeester item: a pair of sandal boots. I've obsessed over her clothing for years; it's time to add some to my wardrobe.

cleartheway said...

It is strange for me to sit here in the heat and look at snow... This is a great spread though! I love it.

Kate from Clear the Way

Constance said...

What a gorgeous photoshoot...

hiPop said...

nothing better than a little winter inspo in a sizzling summer!