Friday, April 19, 2013

On Jewellery

I've never really been much of a jewellery person. I admire it a lot, sure, but I don't really wear much of it to be honest. The only two things I wore semi-regularly were my Ann Demeulemeester feather necklace and a silver nail ring. My brother got me a Pyrrha necklace for Christmas this year, so those are the only three things I really wear on the regular.

Lately I've been moving from admiration to actual purchasing. I picked up a hammered ring from Werkstatt:München and a malleable tin ring from Goti. Unfortunately, after only two wears of my Goti ring, I took it off in a public bathroom to wash my hands and left it there. I hate that sick feeling of losing something. I hope whoever picked it up (instead of turning it in to the lost & found) is enjoying it. I really loved that ring, so I am probably going to replace it soon. And stop taking my jewellery off to wash my hands.

Werkstatt Munchen hammered ring
(can I just say how much I miss calgel? I stopped getting my nails done to save money, but I do miss it)
Goti tin ring

Hot on the heels of those two purchases, I have made a little list of things I want to add to my small jewellery collection in the future: a few more rings that will have to be custom made in smaller sizes and a leather bracelet from Werkstatt:München, a necklace and an amazing pair of Ugo Cacciatori earrings that are way beyond my budget, and some pieces from Montreal line Pearls Before Swine that have been on my list forever. The more complex leather and silver Goti bracelets are completely stunning, but way beyond my budget as well.

One more thing that is way.... way.... wayyyy beyond my budget, but that I covet just the same, is this stunning necklace from Rick Owens. I had seen pictures of it online, but upon handling it in person it far exceeds my expectations. The large transparent link, which I had previously thought could be lucite or resin, is in actuality quartz (!!!), and is paired with a solid gold link attaching it to the silver chain. The price of this baby competes with domestic compact cars.

photo 2

photo 1

It's safe to say I would be on suicide watch if this was lost in a public bathroom.

Thank you to Nicholas at Rick Owens New York for the images!


GlassOrganelle said...

Gah I'm so sorry to hear you've lost your Goti ring. It really is such a horrid feeling once you realise, and it tends to linger in your stomach.

Jewelery isn't a big thing for me. I generally wear a couple of plain silver rings, and if a necklace feels appropriate I have an Ann D padlock or black feather. But normally it's nothing. I would love to one day own one of her feather's on a silver chain.

Good luck in one day acquiring that Rick Owens necklace! His nicest pieces always seem to cost two arms and two legs!

Prêt à Porter P said...

hopefully you can find something similar to the RO without having to sell your organs. That hammered ring is beautiful on you.

I've shattered my most beloved ring before so I know the feeling. Hopefully you can replace it someday.

Stephanie said...

I think the Rick necklace will be an "admire from afar" piece ;-)

escritora said...

I am not jewellery person myself. But I found perfect ring - Frank Ghery wide Torque Ring for Tiffany. I could wear it everyday! I would be quite depressed if I lost it :/

Prêt à Porter P said...

sea of ghosts uses quartz pieces in some of her jewelry, maybe you could get something custom.

Stephanie said...

GlassO- The Ann chain necklace is expensive, but I wear it so often and I love that you can replace the feather easily.

Rick's jewellery is so expensive, even the sales associate was blown away. He said that it's even more expensive than Michele's (I tried on one of her rings- amazing!) There was a solid gold necklace there for 23K (crazy!)

Stephanie said...

escritora- that ring is very cool! good choice.