Sunday, March 3, 2013



Steven Klein for US Vogue September 2009
[via tfs scanned by MMA]

I remembered this editorial featuring some of Rick Owens' Fall 2009 collection and fencing (sabres pictured) so I had to pull it up again. I love the icy pale greys in that collection, so much that ever since I have been collecting pieces to assemble a full outfit.


GlassOrganelle said...

My favourite Rick Owens collection! The icy grey is such a stunning colour.


Don't you have that exact jacket too?

Stephanie said...

GlassOrganelle- I love it head to toe!

The Divinitus- The one in the editorial appears to be the leather/shearling version with silk trim and mine is just all wool, but the silhouette is very similar, so I can settle with that! I have the same skirt though :)