Friday, December 28, 2012

My Best of Wardrobe 2012 - Purchases

I had a lot of great buys this year, and happily, very few mistakes. I think the more I focus on buying things that complete other outfits, or that work well with many other different things in my wardrobe, the more I win. Even so, I'm often derailed from my master list. You will notice that another year has passed without me getting a pair of leather leggings! Will 2013 be the year?

Best of Wardrobe 2012

Rick Owens mohair blend sweater dress
This has been surprisingly versatile, and quickly becoming one of my favourite winter pieces. It is a great length to wear over jeans, my over-knee LD Tuttle boots, and drop crotch shorts. Being sleeveless, it layers perfectly under tight-armed Rick jackets (I wear it with a long sleeved Rick tee for some arm warmth) and is super cozy to boot.

Best of Wardrobe 2012

Rick Owens "Pillbox" wool and leather jacket [yoox]
This was one of those things I purchased in the spring or summer and squirreled away in my closet until fall. It's a tight shouldered jacket and really promotes good posture (no slouching in this one) and integrates really well with my wardrobe. I have such a weakness for outerwear that I would love to add the padded knee-length version to my closet as well, but I'm not holding my breath.

Best of Wardrobe 2012

Rick Owens cashmere cape with leather trim [ebay]
I never thought I would find such a great deal on one of these capes, and in black nonetheless. Ebay France came through for me and this exquisite cape is a welcome outerwear choice for bulkier underpinnings and such a nice change from all my other options.

Best of Wardrobe 2012

Rick Owens silk crepe twisted dress [Barney's New York in Beverly Hills]
This was a bit of an impulse purchase, as a white dress wasn't on my master list, but to have a dressy option that isn't black was something I couldn't resist. It is also something that can be worn all year round. I wore it Christmas day with a black drapey cardigan, black stockings and Rick wedge boots.

Best of Wardrobe 2012
Best of Wardrobe 2012

Ann Demeulemeester viscose twisted skirt [MyHabit]
I have worn this skirt a lot this year, as it is another season-less item. Works great in the summer with flat sandals and a tank, and equally in autumn or winter with tights and boots.

Best of Wardrobe 2012
Best of Wardrobe 2012

Rick Owens check skirt [net-a-porter]
This was one of the only things I wanted to pick up from Rick's AW12 collection, so when it hit 50% off at Net-a-porter, I pounced. It is a manageable below-knee length: has a hobble skirt appearance but one can still walk without much restriction. You can also wear it front-to-back or back-to-front. Wearing it the way it was made (with the slit in the front) makes it a bit more difficult to walk, so I prefer the slit in the back. I appreciate that the pattern matches up at three converging points, as it should in expensive garments.

Best of Wardrobe 2012

Ann Demeulemeester talon heeled knee-high boots [ebay]
Finally I have these babies! And not only these, but the ankle-length triple lace stiletto too. Hoarder? Perhaps. I did buy many shoes this year, as it's really hard for me to resist deeply discounted shoes that I've been pining over for ages- can you blame me? These Ann boots were more than I wanted to spend, but considering that I already had a black triple lace version, I thought that the single-lace eggplant (darker in person) iteration would be justifiable (maybe?) At any rate, they were one of the purchases that I was most giddy about (smelling, hugging, wearing around the house in sweatpants, etc.)

- - - - - -

Now that the year is almost up, and I have a weakness for making lists, I thought I would jot down a few things I wouldn't mind picking up next year:

- Rick Sneakers: I've wanted these for years and I think it's time

- Leather leggings (Rick or Ann): see above

- Guidi boots: heeled or ankle (can't decide), back zip

- sweater

- non-jersey cardigan

- flat sandals

- knee-length jersey skirt

- lightweight leather Rick jacket for spring



Many good buys. You know already how much i like that dress and jacket.

Prêt à Porter P said...

man you hit the RO jackpot! Re: white dresses, I still like that "Ann D" dress you made. And I LOVE that Ann D button skirt. I've been tempted by it, but the length wasn't practical for me, not to mention I have 73589457045 black skirts.

The Rosenrot | Gracia Ventus said...

Oh my that's a lot of fab items. Ugh you're making me want to hoard the AW11 Rick stuff again. said...

Smart purchases. It's good to have a versatile alternative to the usual black dress.
I didn't buy much footwear year. Two pairs? It's not easy when you're selective AND have pixie size feet.

lapwing said...

Wow, those Ann Demeulemeester boots are hot.