Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rain City

Pasotti snakeskin print umbrella + Pasotti skull & crossbone umbrella

Fulton Riva houndstooth umbrella + Fulton Riva Stripes umbrella

Merde Il Pleut umbrella + Bella Pagoda umbrella in black

Pare*Umbrella's Sonnet umbrella in black + Cathedral Ceiling umbrella

In Vancouver (and perhaps in other rainy cities?) it seems like there is some sort of real or imagined snobbery against umbrellas. Apparently if you're a "real" Vancouverite all you wear is a Gore-tex jacket with a hood. Well, I wouldn't be caught dead in Gore-tex outside the dog park or ski hill, so I happen to like umbrellas.

If you lose or break umbrellas easily, these might not be for you. But if you guard your umbrella with your life like I do, check out these beautiful options. I've had my Pare*umbrella for around 6 years and can vouch for its quality. I like to think of an umbrella as an accessory, not an afterthought.


lauren said...

I just moved to Seattle and caved on a nice umbrella. I don't really understand why it's preferable to walk around wet when it's not necessary.

Anita Parco said...
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