Monday, September 17, 2012

What's In My (Hot) Yoga Bag?



IMG_3555 copy

Here's what I carry in my bag for hot yoga.


- mini bottle of Bioderma Crealine H2O for removing any makeup. Remember to get your mascara too, otherwise it will melt down your face!
- cotton pads (I like Shiseido)
- deodorant. I use Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant
- makeup pouch. This is the same pouch I keep in my purse, so I just transfer it into my yoga bag. It just has some essentials (Bobbi Brown concealer stick, Chanel powder, advil, random lip products, etc) but I rarely fix my face after yoga, it's "just in case".


- water bottle. I just have an old one. I mentioned before, but Thermos has a sport-specific insulated water bottle that is supposed to be good for keeping water icy cold during hot yoga.
- 2 towels. One for during class, and one for after class.
- Nike elastic head band (similar here). Unfortunately this won't stay on my head during class (it slips off) but I use it afterwards to tidy up my hair for the walk home.
- Sephora fold-up hair brush.
- extra hair bobbles from Daiso

This is what I wear to and from class. In class I wear tight fitting yoga capri pants and a tank top, which I pack in my bag as well.

- old Lululemon sport bra, alternated with a Nike sport bra
- American Apparel hoody (I know I know, but I just wanted a thin french terry hoody that wasn't $400 and it was the only one my lack of patience could find)
- Silent Damir Doma oversized t-shirt (sorry for the wrinkles)
- Rick Owens sheer drop crotch shorts
- Nike Free running shoes (similar here) Most people wear flip-flops to/from hot yoga. I do own a pair, but I can't walk very long in flip flops without them hurting.
- my "yoga bag" is a freebee that used to give away with each purchase. I have about three of these and they are really handy.

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t said...

I like those shorts. They look really comfy.



Unknown said...

I love the shorts too! I have been wanting to buy a pair on-line but am never sure about the sizing...

You look like you are about the same size as me....This may come across as an awful question, but would you mind saying what size they are? 40? 42? l understand if you don't want to say.... :-)

Stephanie said...

unknown- thanks! Not an awful question, I don't mind. They are size 40. In jeans I wear anywhere from a 26-28. With Rick, when in doubt size up, though his elastic-waist bottoms are forgiving.

Unknown said...

Thank you! I will look for a 40. I have noticed that Rick Owens is cutting quite a lot bigger than he did a few years ago, so this is good to know!

Veronicahhh said...

I effing love this post, especially because you look so mad. Love your hair, and those shorts.

xSzkrabx said...

Yoga? You look rather like a fighter here! ;)