Friday, April 27, 2012

le sac

So this was something I picked up in Tokyo. The Celine trio bag in green. Behold!




It's pretty awesome. I love the three zip pouches, and I had been wanting a cross-body bag for ages. The problem is, I think it's a bit too nice for me. Too refined.... or something. I feel a bit like a bull in a china shop carrying it around, if that makes sense!

So I'm considering selling it. If you are interested please shoot me an email (greytheblog at gmail dot com). I'm asking $700.


There is one little flaw- a slight rub on one corner (back of the bag) This is why I can't have nice things.



Joana said...

I'm in love with this handbag. This is a really gorgeous piece, but clearly of high quality too.

xo Joana

Prêt à Porter P said...

I hope it sells. sorry to be the party pooper here, but great for philo and lvmh's successful marketing that make people want what is just a glorified zippered pouch. I think your suede Bal bag is 100x cooler, and I'm not even into Bal bags, but yours is exceptional!

Stephanie said...

H- you're not pooping this party. I hadn't been interested in any Celine bags until seeing this one in person, and upon using it I do like it quite a bit. Easy to get into, which can't be said for my Balenciaga.

mel said...

love this! i just ordered one for myself in burgundy, though this was a close second.

i don't think it's too dainty at all. i think it's exactly the kind of bag that you shouldn't worry about beating up. that's the cool thing about this bag. i think it's brilliant that it can be worn both casually cross-body and then also as a clutch. keep it!!!

Emmy said...

I can't believe you're selling it. I got a burgundy one about a month ago and I've been wearing it nonstop. I find it so practical.

Duck said...


I do actually like this, although I'd only use it as a clutch. Did you ever sell it?

Teresa said...

Sigh. Beautiful bag. So simple and classy.