Thursday, April 19, 2012

Japan - Instagram

Before sharing some of my proper photos from my trip, I thought I would flush out all my instagram pictures. Enjoy!

L: If you've been to Japan you know that practically every company has a cute mascot, and this is the JR metro mascot, the Suica (their metro card) penguin. I'm kind of obsessed with it. In Tokyo station there is a little store that sells nothing but Suica Penguin merchandise.

R: So there was a typhoon in Tokyo one day and where was I? Buying something at Celine. Luckily they prepared my bag for the weather with a little plastic cover, which is standard there at nice boutiques.


L: An awesome oversized gold nail ring I got at Laforet in Harajuku for around $10.

R: Of course in Japan you must buy snacks either based on funny names, or cute packaging.


L: Teriyaki, avocado and fried egg burger at J.S. Burger in Shibuya

R: I've been dying to get calgel gradient nails for so long, so on a whim I went and got my nails done at Bee salon in Shibuya and I couldn't stop looking at them for days. I must have been influenced by all the "kawaii" around me, I have no other explanation for choosing pink. I've since had them redone (in black gradient) and I want to keep them like this forever!!


L: This spring Shu Uemura collaborated with Japanese kimono artist Mamechiyo, and all the stores and kiosks looked so pretty! I wish I still used their cleansing oils, because the limited edition bottles are really cute.

R: It's Christmas all year round at this kitchen supply store.


L: Went to Utsunomiya, the gyoza capital of Japan, to eat gyoza and also go to a local bar where the owner has monkeys as pets. Having a monkey sit in your lap and eat an apple is kind of a surreal experience.

R: Sakura doughnut from Doughnut Planet


L: Rick Owens store

R: Walking down a random street I spotted a pet rabbit tied to the open door of a luggage store... random!


L: Buying snacks based on the cute packaging doesn't always work out. This tasted like neon.

R: In Yudanaka (outside Nagano) to see the snow monkeys. It was motherfucking snowing, and I was not expecting that! In April.


L: I had to experience Alcatraz E.R., a restaurant where they take you to your "cell" (table) in handcuffs and you drink cocktails out of a severed head.

R: A green tea kit kat


L: Designer second-hand stores are my favourite thing about shopping in Tokyo. These dreamy white Margiela tabi boots would have come home with me if I was a size 36.

R: Cherry blossom festival in Gyoen Park. If you couldn't tell by the picture, cherry blossom viewing parties are HUGELY popular.


L: The view of Tokyo Tower from our (2nd) hotel in Tokyo.

R: Conveyor belt sushi in Shinagawa



Amanda said...

oh my god, you make me want to go back there soooooo bad!!! i didn't see any of those secondhand designer stores so i'll have to research next time. that nail ring is similar to a margiela one and an a.l.c. one i want so bad!!

Emmy said...

Awesome pictures and descriptions! Thanks for sharing with us! I can't wait to see what's inside the celine bag.

Prêt à Porter P said...

I think I'd rather go to the prison restaurant over the monkey one. The black gradient nails sound cool.

Mara Fitch Jewelry said...

Very cool photos. Would love to see a pic of your black gradient nails as well, sounds really good. Going to have to look into the gradient thing here in Seattle.

Stephanie said...

Amanda- I browse elsewhere, but the second-hand stores are the only place I "shop" in Tokyo.

ming said...

ohhhhhh my god those white margiela tabis are the boots of my dreams. and i'm a size 36! do you remember the name of the store? maybe they're still there and i can call about them...