Monday, April 30, 2012

Girls of Summer

As warm weather us upon us (though only slightly where I live) the inevitable analysis of my "fair weather" wardrobe has begun. Coupled with getting back in shape, and figuring out how to make my legs not look see through, I have been looking back to one of my favourite spring collections, Rick Owens S10 for inspiration. I've already got 2 new pairs of sandals for this spring/summer I should share soon.

Buying things off-season and then squirreling them away for appropriate weather is key.

The jacket makes it more spring-like, but it could very easily work on a cool summer evening. I'm itching for a lightweight leather. My Balenciaga leather jacket is already feeling too warm.



[Backstage Rick Owens S10 pics from]


bridget anne said...

squirreling away? so true. perfectly put. xo.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

i loved that rick collection.
good for you, two pairs of sandals. i have sandals. (my old pair is holding strong but i need a back-up.) the "right" rick owens sandals were sold out before i knew it, so i'm wearing ankle boots as long as possible.

Duck said...

I really want a light leather too, my own leather jacket just seems so heavy and wintery now... It's a good thing the British weather has decided it's winter again!