Friday, March 23, 2012

the waterhouse

waterhouse 1

waterhouse 5

waterhouse 2

waterhouse 3

waterhouse 4
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I'm heading to Shanghai (along with Hong Kong and Tokyo) next week and look forward to staying at The Waterhouse. From the outside it looks like a run-down abandoned warehouse - no signage or any indications that a hotel might be inside. Very covert.

The Waterhouse at South Bund

Maojiayuan Road 1-3, Huangpu District

Shanghai, Puxi, China


Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

covert places are all the more interesting. lovely pics.
enjoy your travels!

Joana said...

I love these. The design is spectacular! :O

A La Mode said...

This looks insaaane! Have an amazing time xx

Alice said...

oh wow this place looks awesome! have fun!

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

love this one. i remember the night i stayed there there was a wedding party, gaga tunes boom boom boom till three or four in the morning. then i complained & got to stay there the next time for free. haha

natalya said...

hey! i love your style and general aesthetic, you seem to always know exactly what you like and want, it's very insporational and aspirational for me! i want to turn to you with a conundrum i've been having - i'm looking for a way to store/display my jewellery but i can't find a stand that isn't all twirly and ornate and 'shabby chic'. most of my jewellery is quite minimalist and silver and would look terrible on one of those things. where and how do you choose to store your jewellery?

Stephanie said...

natalya- thanks, that's very sweet of you to say. I don't really have a lot of jewellery, but I don't store it all together. Some of the lesser-worn things that came with boxes, I keep them in their original boxes (like ysl rings, etc) Things that I wear a lot like my Demeulemeester feather necklace I keep out- usually draped across a large bell jar or on a tray. Other random things I keep in old Laduree boxes in my undergarments drawer! I really like the clear lucite organizers from Muji, so that might be a good solution for you!

natalya said...

thank you! muji do actually do ring trays and everything, that's actually so great. i was also considering just going into the park or forest and getting a particularly nice branch, making a jewellery tree literally out of tree... thank you!

Brit said...

Hello, I just came over your blog and love it ! Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos with us. Greetings from Paris, xo