Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NYC - 2

There was a great deal on a flight to NYC flying out of Seattle, so J and I headed there over this past weekend.

Of course, a rare pacific northwest snow storm had to hit the exact same day that we needed to drive down for our early next morning flight.

We drove down slowly and safely. Then the freezing rain came. Our car and the roads were coated with at least a 1/4" of solid ice. Things aren't looking so good for the Sea-tac airport. The next morning we headed to the airport anyway, where our flight was delayed, delayed again, bumped up a half hour earlier, and then cancelled.

Instead of getting re-booked and waiting until the following day when we may or may not fly out (and would also have to foot the bill for another night at the over-booked airport hotel), thus losing an entire day in NYC, we negotiated a flight out of Vancouver that left in 4 hours. With the roads in the condition that they were, we weren't sure if we were going to make it.

Miraculously, we make it to Vancouver without dying once, passing about 10 cars in the ditch or crashed into things along the I-5. We dump the car in the long-term lot, rushed onto the shuttle to the airport and checked-in for our flight.

The desk agent in Seattle booked us on the flight leaving the next day. Of course.

We manage to get on the flight leaving that day (in less than an hour) and finally get into NYC around midnight.

But there was 1 more problem.

Our return flight flies into Seattle and our car in in Vancouver.

Re-routing or tacking on an extra flight to Vancouver (or even to Bellingham) will cost $250-500 each.

Our flight back into Seattle was supposed to arrive at 9pm, but we were 45 minutes late. We rented a car from Seattle (stoped at McDonalds for chicken nuggets and a Filet-O-Fish) and drove to Vancouver, picked up our car from the airport, and finally drive home. It's about 4:30am GMT by this point, and I could barely keep my eyes open. Hats off to J for driving 95% of the time and not killing us once.


Trip to NYC: always worth it.

Flying out of Seattle? Never again.


Kiehl's products c/o The Smyth Hotel in Tribeca

Rick Owen(s)

Some products I brought





Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

i would almost say i'm jealous of your NYC trip - but what an ordeal you went through to get there!
at least it was worth it...in the end. :)
any clothing purchases?

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I was just happy we got to NYC on the same day and didn't lose another day traveling. I actually didn't buy any clothing! Unless you count lingerie. Unfortunately most stores were kind of in between fall and spring. All the sale merchandise was picked clean, and only a few new arrivals. I mostly stocked up on beauty products!

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

i know what you mean, it's that odd, in between time of year for the shops.
beauty items and lingerie - that sounds good enough. :)

al said...

congrats on being able to fly out of the city! i live in seattle and i could barely get out of my neighborhood. :/

hope you had a fantastic time


adireg said...

wow nice shoot

PAGE NUMBER 3 said...

OMG!!!! That sounds so stressful!!!!
The pics from NY looks nice :)
I still need to go and visit NY...maybe later this year.

Shannon said...

What an ordeal !
And why can't we make it to NYC from Toronto? Two kids is much easier that your transportation woes !

I'm new to your blog! It's super!!!