Wednesday, January 25, 2012



What I wore on a snowy day in NYC.

Ann Demeulemeester coat
Faliero Sarti scarf
Number Nine waistcoat
Ann Demeulemeester white tunic shirt
Ann Demeulemeester feather necklace
Rick Owens ribbed l/s tee
Rick Owens ribbed tank
Comme des Garcons for H&M drop crotch trousers
Damir Doma leggings
Guidi boots
Fur and leather ear muffs
Leather gloves with long hair trim
Zam Barrett bag


Alison said...

You look quite cozy in that coat! The silhouette of this outfit is great - something I always struggle with in winter !

toastdead said...

such a cozy outfit, love it!!

Pennerad said...


Damn that's a lot of layers! I always have on at least two when it gets cold in the city. I like that you can't tell with this outfit. Not bulky at all.

Great boots.

LN said...

Great winter outfit! I love your bag. I wonder if they sell Zam Barrett in the US?

Unknown said...

Zam Barrett is made in NYC ;) he is an amazing designer and an artisan at what he does.