Saturday, August 27, 2011

Frederic Malle


“When I came up with the term ‘Editeur de Parfums’ ten years ago I was determined to liberate perfumers from the kinds of restraints often imposed by marketers and focus groups. I work as an editor works with writers. I give these ‘fragrance authors’ complete freedom to explore and express their ideas. Each perfumer is free to use the most innovative technologies and the rarest raw materials the industry offers. This freedom drives the artist to construct a scent without conventional boundaries and to refine his or her idea and formula to the most precise detail. When it is achieved, I publish it at “Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle.”

L'eau d'hiver - A fragrance entirely one's own –– clean, crisp, but also warm, an endless source of reassurance. The transparence of water binds with the softness of white heliotrope, iris and honey for the gentlest composition imaginable. Jean-Claude Ellena set out to create the first "Eau Chaude," pushing his understated, minimalist style beyond traditional boundaries. Here he fuses the two extremes of the olfactory spectrum into a mellow, fragile fragrance of a new kind.

I was in Las Vegas for work recently and I stopped by Barney's. I was originally going to pick up another Byredo scent (Accord Oud, which I am in love with), but the Frederic Malle scents intrigued me as well. On a whim I decided to go with a Malle scent instead, and chose L'eau d'hiver.

I tend to think of my perfumes in seasons- with Byredo for example, I see lighter, fruitier scents like Pulp as a summer perfume and woodsy scents like Accord Oud as a fall/winter perfume and wear them accordingly. I don't know if this is correct or if anyone else does this, but it is what suits my nose. L'eau d'hiver is interesting because I see it more as a transitional scent: it is neither 100% summer or winter by my nose- it has a little of both in a very pleasing way. I was intrigued so I had to pick it up, and will wait until October to get Accord Oud.

Friday, August 26, 2011

beer me some wang

Alexander Wang - Fabiana

Alexander Wang - Anais

Alexander Wang - Ashley

ok, ok... I give in to Alexander Wang... I love all these shoes, and the looks below. The outerwear is amazing, especially paired with leather trousers. I'm even into those blue trousers- though they are glittery, instead of tonal animal print like I thought! I don't know if I could wear glittery bottoms, though. The whole look evokes a futuristic spangly-pantalooned Amelia Earhart.

Alexander Wang Fall 2011

Alexander Wang Fall 2011

Alexander Wang Fall 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The right tool for the job

beautique brush
[excuse my amateur Photoshop skills! I'm just playing around.]

I have been without a hair brush for about 7 months. I had an Aveda wood paddle brush with plastic bristles that was battered and bent out of shape. It lasted me a long time (about 6 years!), but it was time to replace it. I got rid of it before my Paris trip, thinking I would find the perfect one in a pharmacy over there. Well, it never happened. I did pick up a Mason Pearson comb, but I couldn't justify the price of one of their hair brushes, as it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Their brushes seem more like smoothers, and I needed something tough to handle a blowdryer.

My requirements:

- round, so that I can smooth and straighten with a blowdryer
- somewhat aesthetically pleasing. No chunky plastic handle- wood or at least nicely shaped plastic
- a barrel that can handle heat from a blowdryer
- a mixture of bristles: plastic to grip and get through the hair and boar or equivalent to smooth

I was recently in Salt Lake City and noticed that there was a Sally Beauty Supply in the strip mall by my hotel. I had always heard about this place but never been to one. It was there that I found the perfect hair brush, and for $7. I picked it up thinking it was probably at least over $20 or $30.

It is made by Beautique and features a wood handle, ceramic barrel and a mix of boar and plastic bristles- all my requirements have been met. It is the most amazing brush I've ever used and the best $7 I've ever spent. If you can't tell, I'm thoroughly impressed.

It's dramatically cut down the amount of time I spend messing about with my hair, and I think it's even cut down on the time it takes to dry my hair. Unfortunately I don't have the kind of hair that air dries well on its own- It would turn into a frizzy mess.

Upon further research, there is actually a Sally's Beauty Supply if you feel like venturing out to Surrey/Delta (C165-12477 88 Ave, Surrey, BC). I might have to visit soon and check it out. I can't see this exact brush model on their website, but you might be able to find it in store if you're interested in trying it out.

Monday, August 1, 2011



I saw the film "Hanna" the other day, which stars Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett. It's no wonder I was into it- I have a thing for movies or tv shows centered around kick-ass girls. Hanna has a bit of a Bourne-ishness to it, though I wish the storyline was developed a bit more. I still enjoyed it overall. I wouldn't even mind if they stretched it out to a few movies a la Bourne- the end left me wanting to see Hanna kick some more ass! I think it's worth checking out if it's playing near you.