Friday, April 22, 2011











I've fallen for Byredo scents. Not only is the packaging beautiful, but the product is amazing. I bought Pulp perfume (bergamot, cardamom, blackcurrant, fig, red apple, tiare, cedar wood, praline, peach flower) for spring and summer. I also picked up a candle in Cassis (cinnamon, clove buds, blackcurrant, lingonberry, strawberry, cedarwood, black amber) and I already have a scent lined up for fall: Accord Oud (blackberry (yum!), saffron, rum, leather accord, clary sage, patchouli, powdery musks). I have it on right now and I can't stop smelling my wrist. Highly recommended!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

merci: white story

I love poking around Merci's selection of clothing, home goods and stationary. For many the store is a must-see when visiting Paris. I was eager to stop by and check out their new exhibit called "White Space". After doing so I have completely fallen in love with their linen bedding and waffle-knit towels. I'm seriously obsessed.

The bedding section was buzzing with people so I couldn't get a picture of the inviting bed set-up they had, but it looked pretty dreamy: layers of lightweight crinkled linen sheets and pillows. In other words: spring/summer bed heaven. Just throw in a Pia Wallen cross-blanket when it gets chilly and I am set.

Merci Paris - White Story

Merci Paris - White Story

Merci Paris - White Story

Merci Paris - White Story

Merci Paris - White Story

Merci Paris - White Story

Merci Paris - White Story

Merci Paris - White Story

On the way I was so happy to walk by some new chalk-drawing from Philippe Baudelocque, who I blogged about here and here.



Friday, April 15, 2011

new sunglasses!

I have so many pictures to post from different day trips and museums I've been visiting, but I had to post about my new sunglasses from Norma Kamali, because they are awesome!

I found these in Antwerp at Labels Inc., a fantastic designer second-hand store. Such a fluke that I found the exact sunglasses I wanted at a second-hand store for half retail price.

New sunglasses!

Pay no mind to my hair- I am trying to cope with what I did to it by pulling it back into a messy bun every day. I just don't know what else to do. Why oh why did I get a fringe and layers! Oh well, it will grow back out eventually, I suppose. I should have just left it alone though. Grrr...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

In Bruges

We took a little day trip to Brugge, and Santos came along too! It was her first time riding a proper train, and she sat on the seat, wedged between J and I. We were lucky it was a really beautiful day, perfect for exploring. I definitely recommend visiting if you are going to be traveling through Belgium or are in Paris or anywhere close by.


Rick Owens jacket, Damir Doma scarf, Ksubi jeans, Guidi boots, Isabel Marant bag

















This photo cracks me up:




For the record, Santos does not like to be poked with a stick.



"I will destroy this stick"


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Le marché aux Puces: Clignacourt

A few weeks ago J was taking a class at Le Cordon Bleu, so I went to the flea market. I love poking around the stalls. Truth be told, I was really going to find a certain seller who last year had the most amazing taxidermy piece. Even though I find taxidermy animals fascinating in museums, I still am a bit weirded out by them and don't have any in my home. But this one display that this seller had was hilarious and was so me, if taxidermy animals could ever speak to your sense of humor. The masterpiece in question was a wooden platform with two squirrels engaged in a sword fight. Yes. It was truly amazing and so weird. I was hoping that it was still there, but when I found the seller it was nowhere in sight.

Le marché aux Puces

There are many sellers who specialize in vintage/antique industrial furniture.

Le marché aux Puces

This display was interesting and sad. Each buffalo horn had a date, one for every year starting in the 1980s or something. I guess every year this person would go and kill a buffalo and mount its horns on their wall. Weird and pointless.

Le marché aux Puces

This is an amazing vintage store with priceless pieces from Chanel, Dior, Hermes and many other high end brands. It's that kind of store where you don't want to touch anything.

Le marché aux Puces

An amazing Dior coat.

Le marché aux Puces

I arrived around lunch when all the sellers get together and have wine and fantastic-smelling lunches.

Le marché aux Puces

There is a lot of taxidermy, including one creepy little den (not pictured above) that had every kind of exotic animal staring back at you on all four walls. Need a giraffe head or a full-size zebra for some reason? They have it. I kind of expected to see the hunter of all these animals leaning against the wall in the corner, taxidermied himself. I think it's only fitting.

Le marché aux Puces

Le marché aux Puces

Any kind of statue you could possibly want is here!

Le marché aux Puces

I found my whippet/greyhound statue. If only I had a stately garden to place it in.

Le marché aux Puces

I did manage to pick up this vintage science poster from the 1940s. It's a diagram of a mole I think. I even haggled in French, which I was quite proud about, since I don't even like to haggle in English. I managed to get 40% off the asking price, which isn't too bad!