Saturday, February 26, 2011

seasonless list

list time.

I made a seasonless list of 10 items for this year, just as a guideline. It reminds me what I actually need. Well, need is a strong word, let's say "want the most" or "could use the most"

In no particular order...

1. Balenciaga leather jacket. I doubt that this will happen this year, because the best place to buy one is in Paris. You may think "um- stupid, you are in Paris right now" but I know I won't be able to raise enough funds by the time I go home to Canada. But, it's on the list anyway, just in case I win the lottery or my bank accidentally adds a "0" to my account.

2. K. Jaques sandals. I'm going to pick up a pair before I leave Paris. I haven't decided which model, but they will be black leather.

3. Black mid-length wool coat. My peacoat I bought 5-6 years ago from Filippa K is being retired, but not for being out of style (because it's not) but for being short. I need a longer ass-covering coat for warmth. I really wanted the 'zip-in-half' coat that COS had this fall, but unfortunately I missed it.

4. Something Ann Demeulemeester. No matter what, there's always something I will want. I'm thinking it might be a top of some kind.

5. Rick Owens or Helmut Lang skinny jeans/jean-leggings aka "jeggings" (shudder) I hate the term- when I think of jeggings I think of spandex leggings with jean texture screen-printed on them, which is hideous. But yes, I want something with an elastic waist (my god I can't believe I'm actually typing elastic waist) tight and stretchy for when I'm too lazy for buttons.

6. An insulated parka. I think I may have found one that is insulated & warm yet fits in with my aesthetic without breaking the bank (via ebay)

7. An "everyday" necklace. Not sure what this will be yet- maybe something like a simple chain.

8. Over-the-knee boots. The LD Tuttle boots have evaded me for yet another season. I hope they make them again next fall, or I can find a pair (on sale maybe?!) somewhere.

9. Something red- either a dress or top, or maybe just a bag. I've been liking Comme des Garcon's zip clutch for some time- it's identical to the Celine one.

10. I really want a pair of chelsea boots, like the Alexander Wang Anouck or the Balenciaga ones.

Other less important things I've been thinking about is a new pair of sunglasses (tortoise shell) and these crazy leopard sandals from Kooples. I keep walking past Kooples stores with them in the window, staring back at me.

Monday, February 21, 2011

sundays in paris

This past Sunday we went to Richard Lenoir Market by Place de la Bastille. It was really crowded, but so many fantastic fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, flowers, grains, fish, breads and prepared food. More often than not, each are artfully displayed in front of line-ups of people, clamoring to get the best pick.

Richard Lenoir Market Paris

Richard Lenoir Market Paris

Richard Lenoir Market Paris

Richard Lenoir Market Paris

Richard Lenoir Market Paris

Richard Lenoir Market Paris

Richard Lenoir Market Paris

Richard Lenoir Market Paris

Richard Lenoir Market Paris


After fighting the crowds we got out alive with a rotisserie chicken, a baguette, a small container of tartaflette, shallots, and on the way home some sweets from Jaques Genin. J is obsessed with trying all the best-rated tarte au citron, so we've been having a lot of sweets lately! Not complaining. I could do with a daily trip to Pierre Hermé!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the good book

Celine Spring 2011 Catalog

Celine Spring 2011 Catalog

Celine Spring 2011 Catalog

Celine Spring 2011 Catalog

I picked up this Celine catalog during a hunt for a proxy client... The thing I love best about it is the canvas tape on the spine, and how minimal the cover is.

The proxy is on, so if you'd like to know more, please email me!

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy ♥ day


I had my first day of French classes today. Boy do I feel dumb! It's frustrating not being able to remember all the French I took in high-school. I also figured out that I'm probably better at writing in French than speaking... I go mute if I can't express something in the exact words I want to use, instead of just fumbling around with the worlds I do know. I also made an idiot out of myself in response to "who is your favourite actress?" question in class. I really don't have a favourite actress so the only person I could think of was Gwyneth Paltrow (?!?!). I am officially the fool on the hill and utterly embarrassed...










...but all is well because though I came home defeated, there was an orchid, a box of macarons and a little bag of gourmet chocolate from J.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

my so called life

I never watched My So Called Life in '94/5 when it aired. I'm not even sure if it aired in Canada or not (it must have), but when I was younger my parents wouldn't let us watch anything like that. So for some reason lately I've been watching a lot of older tv shows from beginning to end. I'm just about finished with My So Called Life. It's an obsession. Once I start a series I can't stop watching it.

I don't really have anything constructive to say about the series except that I really wish I watched it in 1994/5 because I would have really identified with Angela. Not to mention, it's fun to remember all my hideous plaid shirts and floral dresses, mom jeans and seventeen magazines with Jared Leto and Claire Danes on the cover. It's strange- it feels like I'm looking back at a different person. But, seeing her hair makes me REALLY want to be a red-head again! Might have to make it happen in Paris after all.

My So Called Life

My So Called Life

My So Called Life

My So Called Life

My So Called Life

So, spill your dirty fashion secrets! What was your 90s style?

puces de vanves

Somehow I managed to drag J to the flea market at porte de vanves. He hates "old stuff" but on many occasions has accompanied me to flea markets, antique stores and vintage boutiques, for which I am grateful. I could practically feel his skin crawling, though he was a few steps behind me! Poor boyfriend. I really just wanted to check out what this flea was about. I have a habit of sleeping in, so we arrived as some of the vendors were packing up shop, but there were still many who were open.











This vintage "horloge spirituelle" print was the only item I was mildly considering (besides that boulder-sized geode a few pictures up!)

not to mention these antique GIANT glass domes. The one in the forefront was calling my name!



Saturday, February 12, 2011


I'm really craving some simple, timeless pieces. Something that can be lazily thrown on but still look acceptable. I'm tired of seeing trends everywhere- it's time for slow fashion.