Friday, January 21, 2011

I Love Eno!

ENO (Editor of New Objects) is a new-coming French editor of objects signed by the most gifted current designers. Our philosophy is to create simple, beautiful, useful and curious objects to enchant our daily lives. ENO observes the evolution of our everydaylive’s behaviors and asks the designers to imagine the objects that match with. Without any fashionable attitude, ENO emphasizes more the uniqueness and timelessness of the “Hand Made Design”- the collection is born from the acquaintances between worldwide traditional know-hows and one designer.






















Eno is also behind Maison Martin Margiela's nesting dolls, which you can find here.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spring 2011 Beauty

I thought I would post some of the makeup looks I've been liking for spring.

Usually I wear a pretty natural look, or natural plus liquid eyeliner (I LOVE liquid eyeliner). My lips are always dry, and also I'm too lazy to re-apply anything throughout the day, so most of the time I just go bare-lipped.

Examples of my usual look (yeah right, I wish I looked this good!):


I like this slight variation of a natural face, with feathery soft lashes at Lanvin

Or a slight variation with strong eyebrows

I talked before about wanting a red lipstick, and love the way it looks with slicked-to-the-head hair, but I think you have to have a large forehead for this it seems. I will still do the red lips.


I also like the look of colourful matte lips, like pink..
Jil Sander

or orange... I figure I should have a bit of fun before I get too old for this kind of thing!
fendi 1

fendi 2

I already went and got an orange lipstick. I had some containers to recycle at MAC, so I picked up Neon Orange for free. It looks pretty amazing when you blot it down to be matte.

I also like the idea of a teeny bit of colour on the lid, like orange at Derek Lam

Simple taupe shadow up to the brow for a dramatic yet soft look
roberto cavalli 2
Roberto Cavalli

roberto cavalli
Roberto Cavalli

Lastly, if you're like me, and put your hair up a lot, I have to share something with you! I bought this weird spring-like thing from Goody, and you use it for buns. Basically you twist your hair around and screw in two of these things at opposite ends. They screw in like a corkscrew, holds everything in place and can't be seen!

Picture 6


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

lazy days

I took a few photos of other outfits that have been in my rotation, between more interesting looks. I call these my "I'm tired, running late for work, I really don't care what I wear" outfits. They are simple, consisting of two garments (maybe a t-shirt layered under the sweater for warmth, if I am not running totally late) boots, and out the door.

Also, I appreciate everyone's comments about my red hair! But, as of a few days ago, it isn't red anymore! I changed it again, back to brown for the three month trip. Red hair fades fast, and I hate having roots! I don't want to have to deal with getting my hair done in Paris for monetary reasons, and the stresses of "what if it gets jacked up?!" I may go back to red after I get back, who knows!

Anyway...again, sorry for the darkness, but these were taken before I found my new photo spot outdoors.


This is the new Vince sweater I was talking about in my post about colour. I got it for Christmas. It's waffle-knit, which is a texture I love.

Acne Base sweater in cotton
Alexander Wang skirt

This is my first and only Alexander Wang thing in my wardrobe. I got this in November- it's the perfect skirt that isn't trying hard to be anything, but still looks interesting enough.


This is the Club Monaco sweater I was talking about in my olive post. It has slits at the side, all the way up to the height of the ribbing. I wish the round neck opening was a bit bigger, but all in all it's the perfect "just throw it on" cashmere sweater.

Also this is the Isabel Marant skirt I got in Paris this September! I've been so bad not sharing much of what I got there. I loved this skirt online, but when I saw it in person I was blown away. The texture of the fabric sucked me in, not to mention the buttery soft leather trim. I was a goner- I had to have it.

Lately I am finding myself "shopping in my closet" more, and finding different ways to wear things- combining things I wouldn't usually think to combine. Usually it is in the midst of a rush around the house, trying to get ready for work. I think I need that kind of pressure to be creative sometimes! I think the switch from not working at home has made me try to be more creative with the way I dress, because when I work from home it's very tempting to (as in, I do) wear the same thing every day because nobody sees you!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Freja back-to-back! I couldn't help it.

I know, the title is lame, but it's also true. I'm starting off 2011 (well, the second month of 2011) with a big push in the right direction. At the end of January, J, Santos the whippet, and I will be heading to Paris for 3 months. I will be enrolling in a French course to whip myself into shape!

I'm pretty sure I will be going with La Sorbonne- either the intensive or the spoken expression short-courses. If ANYONE has taken either of these courses, or has any advice for short-session French courses in Paris, please let me know! You can comment on this post or send me an email at greytheblog(at)

Also, I'm thinking I will offer a proxy service if anyone is interested. As in, you want something in Paris, I find it, You pay me for the item, shipping + a small nominal fee for my effort, I send it. Let me know if you would be interested in something like this?

I'm super excited about the next three months.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Freja Beha Erichsen

Olive with black or grey is my favourite colour combination right now.

I've bought a few things this fall in olive: a cashmere Club Monaco scarf, a cashmere Club Monaco sweater, a sheer long button-up shirt from H&M, and let's not forget about my beloved Balenciaga bag.

I'm slowly working on integrating more colour into my wardrobe, and I'm quite pleased about it. Often bright colours make me feel uncomfortable, like my outfit is yelling "Hey!! Look at me!!! I'm so brighttttt!!!!" But my new colours are subdued and don't make me feel out of place or self-conscious. First I started with the olive, because it really complimented my red hair. I also got a navy cashmere Club Monaco scarf (the same style as the olive one), a brown waffle-knit sweater from Vince, and my camel coat from Zara.

Of course the colour that is buzzing around is red, and I am dying to add something red to my wardrobe (besides my tights and red Repetto flats) Just one item, like a silk blouse, a dress, or even red jeans (though they scare me!) I was skeptical when Ann Demeulemeester showed red on the runway with her signature black, but now I can't get enough, and need some red in my life! Red lipstick is also on my list- I haven't worn it in many years. My old favourite was MAC's Ruby Woo, but now I need something more moisturizing- I'm dying to try out Tom Ford's new lipstick.

Joseph Crepe de Chine shirtdress


Friday, January 14, 2011

if you go out in the woods today...

I finally found the perfect spot for some outfit photos- on my balcony in actual daylight. Weather permitting. The building has a concrete finish that acts as a nice neutral backdrop. It was really windy and cold this day, perfect for my new (to me) fur coat. I love how fluffy it is- it makes me feel like a teddy bear. And, I love that it's brown! For a vintage coat it is in excellent condition, especially the lining, which often gets discoloured and ratty in vintage furs.

IMG_0604 copy2


- vintage fur coat
- acne kex jeans
- rick owens wedge boots
- mango elbow-length leather gloves

Sunday, January 9, 2011

for sale

Well, I've been clinging onto this lamp for a while, but there is nowhere for it to go, and despite my enthusiastic presentations, J is unconvinced of its beauty. So I offer it up to you kind readers...


Vitt så in i Norden






I bought it at an antique/vintage store, and I assume it is a reproduction, since there are no markings anywhere on the lamp, but I really don't know since I've never handled the real deal. It is in great condition for its presumed age. There are only a few very minor marks, and one pin-sized dimple, as you can see above.

Hit me up with offers or questions at greytheblog(at) I need this out of my house by the end of the month!