Thursday, December 22, 2011

white on white


I am still obsessed with Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2011- the white on white on white is so startling without feeling clinical or cold. I'm a huge fan of one colour head-to-toe and I'd like to give this white on white business a go this spring/summer. I especially like how all these runway looks were created with similar pieces.

I've broken the images down and come out with 10 items:

1. vest (with cross-strap)
2. sleeveless twist/drape top
3. wide quilted belt
4. mini skirt with wide quilted waistband
5. long side cut-out skirt
6. half-vest with horizontal straps
7. one-armed jacket
8. quilted chest piece
9. cropped pants
10. jacket with buttons

...11. of course, a white pair of shoes also

This is probably enough items to wear head-to-toe white every day in the spring and summer, which is kind of an interesting "futuristic" idea to me. I recently read this great Vanity Fair article about the devolution of fashion and dressing. It got me thinking about the future, and also the past's idea of the future. What will we dress like in 100 years? I like to think (or hope) it will look like a scene out of The Fifth Element.

Also, all-white outfits make me think of Oskar in Jonathan Safran Foer's book Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which incidentally I discovered was turned into a movie that comes out this January. Great book, hopefully the movie will live up to it.


Prêt à Porter P said...

White clothes (aside from tees and shirts) are so hard to find, plus a true optic/blue white only appears in the spring/summer which by fall turns into warmer ivories. White suits and clothes were all over the runways last spring, so I've hoped with the "trickle down" effect that it would be easier to find white. I'm not sure about white shoes though--it's especially tricky when leather gets involved.

Stephanie said...

It's also hard to find white clothes (or red, or a certain shade of grey) that match perfectly, or even closely. I have a light grey Rick Owens jacket and wanted to create an entire head-to-toe light grey look but I had the hardest time finding any grey that matched even close, other than the other items in Rick's collection.

Another note on white- I think it has to be matte, shiny white reminds me of these horrid patent white wedges I had in highschool.

I'm hoping to find some of Ann's SS11 white pieces discounted on ebay or yoox. At least I will be sure of a dead-on white match. I have a jacket and shoes, but am hoping to get a skirt, vest and pants to create multiple outfits with.

A La Mode said...

All white outfits are the bomb! I love everything about these looks.
Ann, Haider and Rick are the best for all neutral, pale outfits. But I agree its so hard to find pure white. I doubt it sells well as it's so hard to keep looking fresh and new.