Monday, July 4, 2011

seasonless list- update

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Now that some time has past I thought I'd share how I'm doing with my "seasonless list".

1. Balenciaga leather jacket.
Status: unchanged

I'm hoping to buy one second-hand or the next time I go to Paris, but I will have to start a savings fund for it! I am still daydreaming about the feeling of sliding one over my shoulders.

2. K. Jacques sandals.
Status: unchanged

I wanted to buy these before leaving Paris in April, but they were out of stock and I would have had to order them 2 weeks prior to get them in time. For the time being I have two pairs of flat sandals I can rely on (old K. Jacques which have seen better days, and a pair of Ann Demeulemeester flat sandals) and I will wait until next summer to pick these up.

3. Long wool coat (Ann Demeulemeester?)
Status: purchased

I recently ordered this from Yoox with a coupon, though it was still really expensive! I figured I could use the summer to pay it down. It just arrived today and I was a bit concerned that it was too big (even for a 38!) but with a sweater on I think it's just right. I have to remember that one problem I have with most of my fall/winter coats is that the body or sleeves are often so fitted that it becomes difficult to wear a sweater underneath. I really needed something like a traditional "overcoat" with sleeves wide enough to accommodate a chunky sweater and shoulders and body roomy enough for whatever layers lay beneath. It has a belt for cinching and the buttons alongside the left of the coat allow the collar to be buttoned all the way up to cover half my face, which is good when it is cold and windy!

4. Off-shoulder Ann Demeulemeester tunic
Status: purchased

I ended up buying the black printed version of this top at the Ann Demeulemeester store in Antwerp. I've worn it with skinny jeans as a top and also with a leather skirt peeking out below as more of a mini-dress on warmer days. The only draw-back is that because of the way the neck is, I always forget which hole to put my head through!

5. Rick Owens leggings/jeggings
Status: purchased

I ended up finding a second-hand pair on ebay for a FRACTION (a very small fraction) of the retail price. They need a little repair (the topstitching is pulled in a few spots) but otherwise are in great condition. The only other thing I need to do is hem them a bit- they are super long!

6. where's number six? Let's say the Norma Kamali sunglasses
Status: purchased

As mentioned before, I bought these second-hand in Antwerp and I love wearing them!

7. Simple everyday necklace
Status: unchanged

I've put this on hold for now. It seems like all the beautiful, understated, simple jewelry is always so expensive! I do really love this Saskia Diez necklace though.

8. Over-the-knee boots
Status: unchanged

I still love these LD Tuttle otk boots, but I'm also obsessed with the Damir Doma otk boots from Fall 2011. I don't think these will be a priority for me this fall, though. Both are expensive and not really a necessity.

9. Bright clutch
Status: unchanged

I actually bought a bright clutch, but it was more of a last-minute solution to complete a wedding outfit for my friend's ceremony and reception. I just grabbed a cheap zip clutch from Zara for $25. It's hot pink and I'm not too sure how much use I'm going to get out of it in the future, as hot pink isn't really a colour I gravitate towards.

10. Ankle boots
Status: updated target

I am still after a good pair of ankle boots but I'm thinking to replace the Balenciaga/ Alexander Wang beatle-style boots with Guidi's ankle-height back zip boots or ma+ back-lace boots. I think something a bit more rugged will be more versatile in my wardrobe. While I think these are probably one of the more worthy purchases for fall, my new options are quite expensive, and will require some saving.

New Additions:

- leather leggings. While my H&M find last fall was much more wallet-friendly, I'm still craving a long, skinny, elastic-waisted leather legging. The big problem, as anyone who has ever searched for the same thing, is that the perfect leather leggings always cost an arm and a leg! Eventually I will have to save up for a pair, because I find them indisposable on their own as well as layered under dresses and skirts during the fall and winter. Plus, an elastic waist? So comfy. The zipper and tab closure on my H&M version strangle my midsection.

- new black handbag.

- black cashmere Faliero Sarti scarf.


I've also purchased some things that aren't on this list, but that my wardrobe really needed, such as a lightweight cardigan, a summer-weight dress, and a spring/summer jacket. Sometimes I find it difficult to buy the "boring" things that my wardrobe really needs (like the spring/summer jacket or a roomy fall/winter coat), when I really want to buy something more exciting. Nevertheless, I know it will really pay off in the end, because inevitably those are the garments that get used the most!

Now that I've purchased the last few items for spring/summer and even have a head-start on fall, I'm putting myself on a shopping ban for at least a month and a half- 2 months if I can make it- until September when I can start to think about adding a few fall items to my wardrobe.


t said...

Love this update! Great list!

miss sophie said...

what great finds! love the updated list. it really shows a dedication to keeping a tight edit on things. also, i've seen a lot of balenciaga leather jackets at, which is a luxury re-seller site.

Stephanie said...

thanks! I'll keep a look-out on that site.

Prêt à Porter P said...

I still want those LD tuttle boots too or something similar. I should have splurged on them when saks put them on sale last year.

Kate said...

great list! i really want a pair of chelsea boots for this winter.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

awesome finds! i have the same issue w/ coat sleeves. my one and only wool overcoat has fitted sleeves, which i prefer, but it prohibits layering.
love this post.
- style odyssey

Austere said...

The Norma Kamali sunglasses are to die for! They're timeless but definitely not boring. Your adherence to list while still being practical enough to stray away from it when needed is admirable

L.L. said...

How are the Faliero Sarti scarves? I'd love to get a cashmere one but I'm terrified of ruining them in the rain.

Stephanie said...

H- I know, I always wait too long or the timing just doesn't work out

Kate- they seem like a really versatile and easy to wear boot

Steph- it has always prevented me from wearing or buying many chunky knits, but not anymore!

Austere- I was actually pretty surprised that I purchase things from this list (I forgot I made it for a while) usually I am horribly impulsive but I'm trying more and more to be realistic and more strategic about my purchases

LL- though I don't own one, I have handled many before and the lightweight cashmere version is truly heavenly. Though I live in rainy Vancouver I never let the weather dictate my purchases- I am a suede wearing rebel! ...who always has an umbrella in her purse...

Prêt à Porter P said...

-ps. tuttle shapers are on sale at la garconne. this time i did not hesitate.

Stephanie said...

Good girl! I finally got them during the black friday sales at shopbop. I figured it was about time!