Sunday, July 10, 2011

Globe-Trotter & Smythson: Travelling in Style

I am well due for a new piece of luggage. My trusty roller bag has a broken wheel (it still rolls, but I have to kick it back in every once and a while!), and pieces keep falling off of it with every trip I go on. I would love to own a piece of Globe-Trotter luggage- a nice carry-on sized trolley bag from their "Centenary" collection.




Of course, the whole range of luggage is beautiful, from the larger suitcases right down to the vanity case, shown above with limited Erdem patterned lining. Though, if I ever purchase one of these pieces of luggage, I will just have to live in my own little world. I will have to pretend that I am not sitting squished into economy class, but instead writing letters on personalized stationary with a Mont Blanc pen and rose-scented burgundy ink in 1st class, like Dita Von Teese. I will also have to block out of my memory the stampede-like line-up to board the plane and the fight for over-head baggage space. I will need to be blissfully unaware of the person inches behind me kicking my seat and clinging to it when they get up to shuffle to the toilet.




I'm also a fan of Smythson for travel-related pouches and cases. How luxurious to have a monogrammed leather passport cover or a special "something" to store a little bit of makeup in, rather than a ziplock bag which I sometimes find myself using when I'm in a pinch.

One of the great exhibits I went to in Paris was a Louis Vuitton Luggage exhibition. It was really fascinating to see the early trunks, luggage and custom made pieces and how much care and workmanship went into each. It's too bad traveling isn't a luxury for most people anymore- except for Dita Von Teese... or Karl Lagerfeld for that matter. Check out all that Goyard luggage...

Karl Lagerfeld Goyard Luggage


Prêt à Porter P said...

I hope that's not the McQueen one that's falling apart. It's hard to find "chic" and moderately priced luggage these days. Sometimes I kick myself for not having the foresight to buy Kenneth Cole wheeled luggage 5 years ago when they did beautiful luggage. I have a beautiful leather duffel that's way too cumbersome for airline travel. I think the black Le Sportsac trolleys are very chic, the wheels glide nicely, and there are outside pockets…I was so tempted when I saw it going for 1/2 off.

Stephanie said...

Nope, it's not the McQueen! Though I do have to get its wheels repaired- they squeak horribly (lifetime warranty, thanks goodness) The one major flaw with that bag is that there is no handle, so I always have to keep the cover on it (which has handles at the top, so I can easily get it in the overhead) It's a shame, because nobody gets to see the beautiful ribcage design!

Lindsay K said...

I love the Smythson travel accessories. Such a little luxury.

Prêt à Porter P said...

I finally re-found the website for these, you may like

Stephanie said...

thanks for reminding me of that site! I remember seeing their luggage featured on design*sponge, but it was all sold out at the time!