Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fall 2010 Boots




Along with my new Fall coat, I also bought these pair of boots from the Fall 2010 Demeulemeester collection. They are the suede version with tonal stitching around the toe. There were so many versions of these boots. My absolute favourites were the back-lace version that Mona Moore had, but I waited too long to buy them and they sold out at an amazing sale price. I picked these up from Yoox, using a discount code.

Speaking of discount codes, you can get an extra 10% off sale items at Antonioli using JUL10 (until July 31)


Veronicahhh said...

HELL YES. All day every day.
What's great about vancouver is that these are appropriate year-round. Especially this summer, ha.

Stephanie said...

I know- how sad is our summer?! Though, I just got back from Whistler and it was sooo hot (I got a bit sizzled)

Sister Shirley said...

Killer silhouette on these boots, and they look amazing in these pics. I have them in leather, but I would definitely have preferred suede.

t said...

Cool boots!


Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

the heel detail is subtle but eye-catching...quite structural and beautiful. you photos show it better than i'd seen in the online boutiques.
-style odyssey blog

Lina said...

great shoes!! i would love to own them myself:D

S K E L E R O P E said...