Thursday, April 21, 2011

merci: white story

I love poking around Merci's selection of clothing, home goods and stationary. For many the store is a must-see when visiting Paris. I was eager to stop by and check out their new exhibit called "White Space". After doing so I have completely fallen in love with their linen bedding and waffle-knit towels. I'm seriously obsessed.

The bedding section was buzzing with people so I couldn't get a picture of the inviting bed set-up they had, but it looked pretty dreamy: layers of lightweight crinkled linen sheets and pillows. In other words: spring/summer bed heaven. Just throw in a Pia Wallen cross-blanket when it gets chilly and I am set.

Merci Paris - White Story

Merci Paris - White Story

Merci Paris - White Story

Merci Paris - White Story

Merci Paris - White Story

Merci Paris - White Story

Merci Paris - White Story

Merci Paris - White Story

On the way I was so happy to walk by some new chalk-drawing from Philippe Baudelocque, who I blogged about here and here.




Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

i like this exhibit, too. all the white and textures...the organic qualities are very pleasing.

what did you decide about the chanel le vernis mimosa?

-Style Odyssey

Stephanie said...

I must get a picture of that bed though, it was heavenly!

I'm going to pass on Mimosa. I'm curious about the new Chanel bronzers though. I'm sooo not a bronzer person but I kind of want to try one to make my skin look more "alive" or something.

Emmy said...

Looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!

Alexandra said...

I love the atmosphere in this shop.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

I have a Chanel bronzer- not one of the new ones. I love it. Bronze Universel is the one; it's sort of a gel or mousse.
You got me thinking about that Mimosa le vernis...My friend in FL loves such colors- I'm going to buy it for her.
- Style Odyssey

South of Market said...

We love Merci and always make time to drop by whenever we're in Paris. Thank you for the wonderful photos!

Gerry said...

Those crocheted/doiley covered branches are gorgeous! I would love to make a handful of them and just put them in white vases around my house...

Thanks for sharing!

Lindsay K said...

I love Merci. You just made me miss my paris apartment so much!!!