Monday, March 28, 2011

Vanessa Traina: beauty feature

I love a good beauty feature that delves into the medicine cabinet and bathroom shelves of well-kept women. But I think one (ie. me) has to realize that some people are just born with perfect skin and perfect hair, and the products they use won't necessarily work miracles on you- as much as you want them to. Isn't it so irritating when the person featured says "oh it's just good genes" or "I don't even wash my face everyday" or "I get my hair professionally blow dried every day" or even "I get facials and manicures every week"?? Damn you. A long time ago I said I was going to take better care of myself and get a facial and manicure every month (I swear I have over active cuticles). Do you want to guess how long that lasted? 1 month. I got 1 facial and no manicure. I think I'm going to give another go at getting regular facials and manicures- starting NOW.

Vanessa Traina

Vanessa Traina

Vanessa Traina

Vanessa Traina

Vanessa Traina

Vanessa Traina


erica said...

for about 6 months i got a facial every 3 weeks. my skin didn't clear up, but it definitely looked better than usual. you're right, some people are just born with good skin and hair.

miss sophie said...

totally hear you on the genetic's taken me many years and a great dermatologist to finally allow me to have 'good skin' that other more fortunate people are born with. i like VT's pared-down almost-no makeup thing for day, though. she always looks very comfortable in her own skin.

Prêt à Porter P said...

It comes down to good genes, good surgeons, good doctors, aka good wallet, good colorist, etc... lol but kinda true!!

Fleurette said...

I wonder if facials and such is cheaper in other countries? Because I could never afford a facial once a month.. it would be like 3000 dollars a year for facials.

I've given up perfect skin, perfect hair and so on.. trying to embrace what I already have even though I wish I didn't need to wash my face or hair every day.

Carlene said...

P is right. >:{

do you happen to know the official name for that Balenciaga "makeup bag"?

L.L. said...

I've been told over and over again
good skin = sunscreen

I love peeking at other people's beauty cabinets as well.


i dont believe in facials. i dont believe in expensive creams. i believe in ipl and laser procedures... on the other note, she has a lot of color cosmetics hanging around, which i find too heavy for my liking. so i guess its not all about good genes after all.

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

Good skin is definitely not from facials. If that was the case I would have the most gleaming skin ever and one pair of ratty tennis shoes. No matter what I do I'll never have perfectly porcelain clear skin. Sigh.

Side note, is that nail polish in the fridge?

Stephanie said...

erica- that must have felt like a nice treat!

miss sophie- yes, I got the wrong end of the skin genes as well, unfortunately.

h- yes, good wallet is true!

fleurette- I can only compare to Paris, but yes, for me it is cheaper in Canada. Not dirt cheap, but something I could budget in if I had the inclination and the restraint in other spending areas. Manicures are the place I wish we had good cheap places like New York. I have a hard time trusting dirt-cheap places in Vancouver- I worry I will get flesh-eating bacteria or something from dirty tools, but I guess that can happen anywhere.

Carlene- no, sorry I don't!

LL- YES, I agree. I get really paranoid when it's sunny out that I don't have on enough.

divinitus- haha- that's funny because I was just looking into photo facials and laser treatments. I have some pigmentation spots I want zapped off!

Stephanie said...

Jayne- I don't know until I try! I like the idea of laying in a chair for an hour for a spa treatment. I will enjoy the luxury of it, at least. Yes, nail polish in the fridge! Apparently it preserves it or something...

Jennifer said...

The cynic in me is annoyed by her pose and expression in the salon photo. She looks a bit too self-satisfied to me!

Lauren said...

does she keep her nail polish in the fridge?!!!!!!

does that help it to last longer?

what is the deal?