Monday, March 21, 2011

PFW: Rick Owens

Rick Owens

(video c/o Antonioli)

It kills me that I was actually in Paris for fashion week and I didn't get to see my favourite designers' shows. Oh well, c'est la vie. I can still watch the videos and see the pictures and still be in awe.

Rick Owens F11

Rick Owens F11

Rick Owens F11

Rick Owens F11

The colour palette was the first thing that really drew me into this collection. Such a subtle mix of navy, different shades of grey, black, and even shades of brown and taupe. It's the combination of a good handful of these in the same outfit, along with the gradating layers (right down to the accordion-front boots) that is most appealing. The mixed-material jackets are stand-outs for me, with stiff, curved leather shoulders.

One of the best results that could come from seeing the above, is that the layering and colour combinations can all be achieved with items one already owns- even if all you own is black (see black layered look). I love finding new ways to think about or to combine the clothes I already own.

Rick Owens FW 2011
(luca cannonieri for

I also really enjoyed the bright red lipstick, a surprising departure from the history of bare or eye-focused Rick Owens runway faces. I really love the YSL one I recently got, just for the record. Plus, go bleached eyebrows!

I'm definitely lusting after the cropped collarless jacket in the 2nd image, and the black sweater with the cut-out hem in the third.


Fashion Agony said...

I'm a huge fan of Rick Owens too!!
Love everything about this collection!


Wida said...

At least you were there, right?!

Always next time :)

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onlycoolcats said...

Don' worry.Next time:)