Saturday, February 26, 2011

seasonless list

list time.

I made a seasonless list of 10 items for this year, just as a guideline. It reminds me what I actually need. Well, need is a strong word, let's say "want the most" or "could use the most"

In no particular order...

1. Balenciaga leather jacket. I doubt that this will happen this year, because the best place to buy one is in Paris. You may think "um- stupid, you are in Paris right now" but I know I won't be able to raise enough funds by the time I go home to Canada. But, it's on the list anyway, just in case I win the lottery or my bank accidentally adds a "0" to my account.

2. K. Jaques sandals. I'm going to pick up a pair before I leave Paris. I haven't decided which model, but they will be black leather.

3. Black mid-length wool coat. My peacoat I bought 5-6 years ago from Filippa K is being retired, but not for being out of style (because it's not) but for being short. I need a longer ass-covering coat for warmth. I really wanted the 'zip-in-half' coat that COS had this fall, but unfortunately I missed it.

4. Something Ann Demeulemeester. No matter what, there's always something I will want. I'm thinking it might be a top of some kind.

5. Rick Owens or Helmut Lang skinny jeans/jean-leggings aka "jeggings" (shudder) I hate the term- when I think of jeggings I think of spandex leggings with jean texture screen-printed on them, which is hideous. But yes, I want something with an elastic waist (my god I can't believe I'm actually typing elastic waist) tight and stretchy for when I'm too lazy for buttons.

6. An insulated parka. I think I may have found one that is insulated & warm yet fits in with my aesthetic without breaking the bank (via ebay)

7. An "everyday" necklace. Not sure what this will be yet- maybe something like a simple chain.

8. Over-the-knee boots. The LD Tuttle boots have evaded me for yet another season. I hope they make them again next fall, or I can find a pair (on sale maybe?!) somewhere.

9. Something red- either a dress or top, or maybe just a bag. I've been liking Comme des Garcon's zip clutch for some time- it's identical to the Celine one.

10. I really want a pair of chelsea boots, like the Alexander Wang Anouck or the Balenciaga ones.

Other less important things I've been thinking about is a new pair of sunglasses (tortoise shell) and these crazy leopard sandals from Kooples. I keep walking past Kooples stores with them in the window, staring back at me.


Sonia said...

oh...what a great "seasonless selection". There's a Kooples store next to the place where I work. Everyday I see those leopard sandals in the window and think "maybe..." :)

Prêt à Porter P said...

You know my vote goes to those Wang Anouck boots. I know Wang things get over-hyped, but occasionally he does things that are future classics. I'm also hoping Tuttle brings the Shapers back, like they did last year. I'm almost regretting not splurging for them when they went 40% off. They are the best thigh high boots I've seen (actually thigh high, fitted shape, w/o embellishment). I am casually looking for something Ann D too.

Stephanie said...

Sonia- haha I'm "maybe" about them too. I haven't tried them on yet, only admired from the window.

H- I'm leaning towards the AW ones too, especially after seeing the sole of the Balenciaga's in person- the sole is very thin leather, almost like a ballet flat. Even after reinforcement, I'm not sure how durable they would be. I really want something that I can throw on and not have to worry about.

t said...

Great list! Love it all! :)

Cupcakewalker said...

Stephanie, have you ever looked at Clare Vivier's bags? I love their style and she makes clutches that are sort of Celine-like (in red, along with other bags that come in red) but yet more relaxed.

I love your list -- I Googled the Balenciaga leather jacket (would love it in black too) and the pricing was kind of all over the place with the exchange rate.

styleodyssey said...

you can't go wrong with k jacques sandals. i've had a pair for years. they don't seem to wear out, and they're casual classics.

i like the idea of an everyday necklace...very different idea than the over-hyped statement necklace (or statement jewelry in general).

and the term "jeggings", i'm with you: ugh! i prefer to call mine skinny jeans or legging jeans. :)

miss sophie said...

such a great list. i love that the majority of the shoes are flats or have a small heel - goes to show that comfortable shoes really do win out after all :) after much hemming and hawing i finally got a pair of the IM suede booties and they're fast proving to be favorites for a ton of different looks...

as for parkas, i really love my Spiewak parka that has thinsulate. not expensive at all and really does the job without losing fit or chic factor.

Stephanie said...

cupcakewalker- I love Clare's bags. I really want the Tropezienne style.

styleodyssey- I love the pair of K.Jacques I have, but there was an unfortunate incident involving my dog, so they are in need of replacement ;)

miss sophie- I want a pair of those too, but my Margielas are pretty much the same, besides the shape of the heel. I would probably get the IM's in grey. I like the tan on other people but for me it would have to be grey! I was going to get a Spiewak parka this winter but I couldn't find the style/size I wanted so I gave up. I've taken to layering my mongolian fur vest under wool coats for added insulation :)

hannah-rose said...

Fantastic!! get k jacques asap. I have not taken might off all summer, they are the comfiest, highest quality, last-all-you-life sandals.