Monday, February 14, 2011

happy ♥ day


I had my first day of French classes today. Boy do I feel dumb! It's frustrating not being able to remember all the French I took in high-school. I also figured out that I'm probably better at writing in French than speaking... I go mute if I can't express something in the exact words I want to use, instead of just fumbling around with the worlds I do know. I also made an idiot out of myself in response to "who is your favourite actress?" question in class. I really don't have a favourite actress so the only person I could think of was Gwyneth Paltrow (?!?!). I am officially the fool on the hill and utterly embarrassed...










...but all is well because though I came home defeated, there was an orchid, a box of macarons and a little bag of gourmet chocolate from J.


spore said...

Pain Du Sucre is amazing. Try Du Pain et Des Idees up by the Canal St. Martin. Incroyable

miss sophie said...

sigh. such beautiful photos of Paris. don't get discouraged! languages are hard work and there's a lot of grunt work. and Valentine's day looks so much more magical in Paris!

Leather & Lace said...

happy happy day! love the beautiful flowers! wish i got some haha..and love the post below of claire!

WobiSobi said...

Beautiful Photos, beautiful blog Following!!:)

W. said...

j'adore ces photos!

janyclaire said...

Found you on Independent Fashion Bloggers. Love your blog and love all things French! I am using the Rosetta Stone program to learn French and it's not going too well. I'm only on the first level so far but it just seem futile.

Lauren said...


that photo of the bakery - that was MY bakery down the street from me when i lived in paris!!! i miss it! seeing the photo made all these memories come flooding back!

all your recent posts are reminding me what it was like living there!

it is amazing
and will change your life


magdalyn said...

hang in there! my first day of class in france was super embarassing too. they put me in a higher level class because my written french is stronger, like you, but they soon realized (much to my regret) that i could barely explain this discrepancy. i stumbled with my words in front of many faculty members and students:S