Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spring 2011 Beauty

I thought I would post some of the makeup looks I've been liking for spring.

Usually I wear a pretty natural look, or natural plus liquid eyeliner (I LOVE liquid eyeliner). My lips are always dry, and also I'm too lazy to re-apply anything throughout the day, so most of the time I just go bare-lipped.

Examples of my usual look (yeah right, I wish I looked this good!):


I like this slight variation of a natural face, with feathery soft lashes at Lanvin

Or a slight variation with strong eyebrows

I talked before about wanting a red lipstick, and love the way it looks with slicked-to-the-head hair, but I think you have to have a large forehead for this it seems. I will still do the red lips.


I also like the look of colourful matte lips, like pink..
Jil Sander

or orange... I figure I should have a bit of fun before I get too old for this kind of thing!
fendi 1

fendi 2

I already went and got an orange lipstick. I had some containers to recycle at MAC, so I picked up Neon Orange for free. It looks pretty amazing when you blot it down to be matte.

I also like the idea of a teeny bit of colour on the lid, like orange at Derek Lam

Simple taupe shadow up to the brow for a dramatic yet soft look
roberto cavalli 2
Roberto Cavalli

roberto cavalli
Roberto Cavalli

Lastly, if you're like me, and put your hair up a lot, I have to share something with you! I bought this weird spring-like thing from Goody, and you use it for buns. Basically you twist your hair around and screw in two of these things at opposite ends. They screw in like a corkscrew, holds everything in place and can't be seen!

Picture 6



Amanda said...

YES times INFINITY for all those bright shades. i've really been feeling them and got brave last summer.. can't wait to try out more. i have an orange Mac and a great bright pinky purple from shiseido that are my faves :) sephora's own house brand has great colors too.

Melissa said...

Ooh! I bought those Goody corkscrew pins a few months ago and LOVE them! I can't believe that I went this long without them! My hair is so stick straight that I normally have a really hard time keeping my hair up, unless I use an entire can of hairspray and a package of pins. But those hair screws are genius!

But I must say, don't get the other 2 products from this Goody line, they're a total bust. :(

Lauren said...

ah! where did you find the goody spin pins? i've been searching for them and was going to resort to ebay.

A La Mode said...

Gorgeous! Loving every one of these. Those bright lips are awesome. Personally for me I'm loving thick eyebrows and a natural face.

styleodyssey said...

i love how fresh these look, particularly the first few, and of course the red lips! (by the way, you're never too old for most of these options- and most assuredly never too old for red lips, imo!)
the orange mac sounds cool. NARS makes a good one, too- a wonderful red-orange called Heat Wave.

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

I can't preach enough about SPIN PINS! They are the best thing ever, I send them to all my friends!

God if I could just have Freja's face.... ='(

I feel like the key to any kind of makeup experimentation is clean skin. I have the worst skin so it's hard to do red lips without first caking on a shit ton of concealer and foundation and power...then I just end up looking all prostitutey.

Stephanie said...

Amanda- I've tried out the pink already (since I happened to have something similar) with a minimal face (brown mascara, etc) and I really like it! I will check out Sephora's brand. I'm looking for an orange lip pencil ;)

Mel- They are pure genius- I can twist up my wet hair and let it down later without an elastic band "kink" in it. I haven't seen the other products in this line but I'll steer clear.

Lauren- London Drugs! They come in a cardboard package (excessive packaging if you ask me)

A La Mode- I love thick eyebrows too

styleodyssey- Definitely never too old for red lips, but orange I think is debatable lol

Jayne- I can't believe I only found them now! Somebody at work did a demonstration for the entire staff because she loved them so much! Yes, clear skin is key for those bright lips. My skin has been doing SO MUCH BETTER lately, so I've been getting interested in bright lips again. I'm not sure what it was that helped (I'm doing a few things- skincare products, antibiotics, vitamins, diet, etc), but I'm terrified to stop any of it for fear of spotting up again. My skin marks easily because it's so pale, but I just got an airbrush system for makeup, and the coverage is really great and natural. No greasy makeupy foundation face- you can touch your face and it feels like skin. I was harassing my boyfriend to touch my face to see how natural it was! I read that fluoride toothpaste can sometimes cause breakouts around the chin/mouth area. I don't know how true that is, but I've been on a fluoride-free toothpaste for a few months and everything down there has cleared up... might be worth trying? (sorry for the long response!)

Lauren said...

thanks for the heads up on london drugs carrying the pins. i went right after class today to grab them i and love them already!

Amy said...

Love the orange lippy! I never ever wear lipstick but I'm dying to try orange... even though my hair is orange too, haha!