Sunday, January 16, 2011


Freja Beha Erichsen

Olive with black or grey is my favourite colour combination right now.

I've bought a few things this fall in olive: a cashmere Club Monaco scarf, a cashmere Club Monaco sweater, a sheer long button-up shirt from H&M, and let's not forget about my beloved Balenciaga bag.

I'm slowly working on integrating more colour into my wardrobe, and I'm quite pleased about it. Often bright colours make me feel uncomfortable, like my outfit is yelling "Hey!! Look at me!!! I'm so brighttttt!!!!" But my new colours are subdued and don't make me feel out of place or self-conscious. First I started with the olive, because it really complimented my red hair. I also got a navy cashmere Club Monaco scarf (the same style as the olive one), a brown waffle-knit sweater from Vince, and my camel coat from Zara.

Of course the colour that is buzzing around is red, and I am dying to add something red to my wardrobe (besides my tights and red Repetto flats) Just one item, like a silk blouse, a dress, or even red jeans (though they scare me!) I was skeptical when Ann Demeulemeester showed red on the runway with her signature black, but now I can't get enough, and need some red in my life! Red lipstick is also on my list- I haven't worn it in many years. My old favourite was MAC's Ruby Woo, but now I need something more moisturizing- I'm dying to try out Tom Ford's new lipstick.

Joseph Crepe de Chine shirtdress



Prêt à Porter P said...

Were they some pieces from your prior Club Monaco post? I have to agree that the olive looks amazing with your hair color.

DJ said...

I'd love to be able to wear red, but I feel like I'm not in my own skin when I wear bright colours! I love that Joseph shirt dress.

Like Ann D, Margiela did lots of red for SS11...

Stephanie said...

H- the scarf was from that post (I got it as a christmas gift) but the sweater isn't. It's a pull-over with slits on the side.

DJ- I know, I am the same way, but I really want to try red!

quiettown said...

I'm the same way. I have ONE red shirt and ONE red cardigan and haven't worn them yet. I don't know why. I guess I'm just comfortable in blacks, greys, creams, and olive greens.

Fashion Agony said...

Olive is one of my favorite colors, especially when it comes to leather!

styleodyssey said...

I've not considered wearing olive with grey before- I like it, though! Good idea.

Chanel makes lusciously moisturizing red lipsticks. (I love MAC Ruby Woo also but concur that it can be drying. My solution is to use MAC's Prep & Prime before applying matte lipstick.) My Chanels of choice are "Lover" and "Rivoli". Rivoli might be awesome with red hair.

simplyolive said...

loving Freja's look.

one can never go wrong with's 1 of the few colors i wear.

miss sophie said...

i'm with you on these colors. after some major wardrobe editing and selling off of extraneous pieces, a good number of my standby pieces (leather jacket, sweater, etc) are in those shades. and freja looks amazing, as usual!

Stephanie said...

Quiettown- give it a shot!

Fashion Agony- I know! I love her jacket.

Styleodyssey- I got prep+prime for lips a little while ago and it seems to work pretty well! I will definitely check out those two Chanel shades you recommended :) thanks!

simplyolive- it's all in your name ;)

misssophie- I've found olive a surprisingly versatile and easy to wear colour!