Wednesday, January 19, 2011

lazy days

I took a few photos of other outfits that have been in my rotation, between more interesting looks. I call these my "I'm tired, running late for work, I really don't care what I wear" outfits. They are simple, consisting of two garments (maybe a t-shirt layered under the sweater for warmth, if I am not running totally late) boots, and out the door.

Also, I appreciate everyone's comments about my red hair! But, as of a few days ago, it isn't red anymore! I changed it again, back to brown for the three month trip. Red hair fades fast, and I hate having roots! I don't want to have to deal with getting my hair done in Paris for monetary reasons, and the stresses of "what if it gets jacked up?!" I may go back to red after I get back, who knows!

Anyway...again, sorry for the darkness, but these were taken before I found my new photo spot outdoors.


This is the new Vince sweater I was talking about in my post about colour. I got it for Christmas. It's waffle-knit, which is a texture I love.

Acne Base sweater in cotton
Alexander Wang skirt

This is my first and only Alexander Wang thing in my wardrobe. I got this in November- it's the perfect skirt that isn't trying hard to be anything, but still looks interesting enough.


This is the Club Monaco sweater I was talking about in my olive post. It has slits at the side, all the way up to the height of the ribbing. I wish the round neck opening was a bit bigger, but all in all it's the perfect "just throw it on" cashmere sweater.

Also this is the Isabel Marant skirt I got in Paris this September! I've been so bad not sharing much of what I got there. I loved this skirt online, but when I saw it in person I was blown away. The texture of the fabric sucked me in, not to mention the buttery soft leather trim. I was a goner- I had to have it.

Lately I am finding myself "shopping in my closet" more, and finding different ways to wear things- combining things I wouldn't usually think to combine. Usually it is in the midst of a rush around the house, trying to get ready for work. I think I need that kind of pressure to be creative sometimes! I think the switch from not working at home has made me try to be more creative with the way I dress, because when I work from home it's very tempting to (as in, I do) wear the same thing every day because nobody sees you!


Doni Brown said...

I love the skirt in the last pic!

Fleurette said...

All great outfits. I have the same sweater from Acne !!

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

waffle knit is my faaaaaavorite texture for sweaters. thermals get all the love. it's so hard to find good plain crew neck waffle sweaters.

heart in a cage said...

I love your style! I wish I owned those two skirts, they're really lovely!

Prêt à Porter P said...

I like a waffle knit too. The IM skirt looks good too.

Fashion Agony said...

Loving each of those sweaters!

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styleodyssey said...

great outfits- you've inspired me to consider adding olive to my neutral wardrobe (which consists mainly of black).
i can relate: working from home most days, i end up wearing a "uniform" (black, again)...turtleneck, slim or skinny pants, that sort of look- i'd like to add more skirts.
nice post!

Garderoben said...

I love the Isabel Marant skirt. It's on sale at Net-a-porter now, but only available in size 0. Wouls you say that it runs small or true to size? I'm usually a size 1 in Isabel Marant pants, so I don't think that I a size 0 will fit, but I'm hoping...I've wanted it for such a long time. I'm usually a size small, or 27 in jeans.

Stephanie said...

Garderoben- it fits true to size or even a bit big. I'm usually a 1 or 0 in Isabel Marant bottoms (I have no hips) I bought the 1 but I could have easily bought the 0 too. the 1 is low on the hips and the 0 was a bit higher. It is only held together with snaps, so you could even change the snap placement at the tailor (or if you're handy with sewing) to adjust the fit a bit.

Garderoben said...

Someone just bought the last one....Thanks for your help anyways. /Sara

Stephanie said...

Aw damn!

Pennerad said...

i adore the sweaters. they all look so very cozy. and i also have an obsession for waffle knit, but it's a basic i have had a lot of trouble getting my hands on.

mmr said...

Your outfits are magnificent. Also, I love that alexander wang skirt so much, I just can't get over how awesome it looks