Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Freja back-to-back! I couldn't help it.

I know, the title is lame, but it's also true. I'm starting off 2011 (well, the second month of 2011) with a big push in the right direction. At the end of January, J, Santos the whippet, and I will be heading to Paris for 3 months. I will be enrolling in a French course to whip myself into shape!

I'm pretty sure I will be going with La Sorbonne- either the intensive or the spoken expression short-courses. If ANYONE has taken either of these courses, or has any advice for short-session French courses in Paris, please let me know! You can comment on this post or send me an email at greytheblog(at)gmail.com

Also, I'm thinking I will offer a proxy service if anyone is interested. As in, you want something in Paris, I find it, You pay me for the item, shipping + a small nominal fee for my effort, I send it. Let me know if you would be interested in something like this?

I'm super excited about the next three months.


Fleurette said...

Wow, I am looking forward to reading your posts from Paris. Also, I'm going to Paris next month and I and some bloggers might meet up, and you should totally join, oui?

Melissa said...

I am SOOOOOO jealous. I can't believe you get to LIVE in Paris for 3 months! How exciting!! Wish I was doing something even remotely as interesting as that. I'm going to live through you Steph.

A La Mode said...

I'm super excited about you moving closer to me!

The proxy service sounds like a ridiculously super cool idea too

Meg said...

Fantastic news and yes, I would be very interested in your side service - no experience with Parisian language courses unfortunately.

Rar Traum said...

good for you
P.S. love your taste

Prêt à Porter P said...

What do they say, when a woman changes her hair, she changes her life... sounds like an exciting adventure!!!

Lauren said...

so exciting! i'm extremely jealous. i think i would have to take advantage of this proxy service if you decide to go through with it. mostly for skin care items. they're sooo expensive here in canada n'est-ce pas? hope you have a lovely time there though.

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

how exciting!! so jealous. i might have to take you up on the proxy shopping.

heart in a cage said...

That's so awesome! I envy you so much for moving amazingto Paris for three months!

DJ said...

The proxy service sounds fabulous Stephanie - I've been needing to find somebody who can send me Institute Esthederm products!!

Stephanie said...

Fleurette- that would be fun! Let me know when :)

Mel- Hopefully I will be diligent enough to keep my blog updated with my adventures!

Meg & DJ- keep an eye out here- I will post details when I get them

Rar- thanks!

H- I heard that about changing ones hair!

Lauren- I know! I try to stock up when I'm over there but they only last so long. Will keep everyone posted on the proxy thing- I have to figure out shipping costs :)

Jayne- COSSSSSS.. COS... C.O.S. lol

lisa @ luxe said...

have loved your blog forever...congrats on the new adventure! question, did you have to quarantine santos for awhile - I have heard that foreign countries keep the animals for some time, let me know when you get a chance :)

Stephanie said...

Lisa- thanks! It depends on the country. We flew into Amsterdam and connected to Paris. The Netherlands and France do not quarantine animals, you just have to have all the required paperwork (copies are attached to the kennel when you check in) but other countries do quarantine, like the UK, so we couldn't fly into Heathrow and onto Paris, and we can't even take a train with her into London either. A big bummer, because I wanted to take a little weekend trip to London, but we can't leave Santos behind :(