Saturday, October 30, 2010


I'm itching to put wallpaper somewhere in our place, and I'm thinking the front entry. It's dark and cramped, and needs a bit of a makeover and some decluttering. Being in that area stresses me out right now.

Some wallpapers I'm into:

Cole & Son woods
Cole & Son

graham and brown frames
Graham and Brown

juliarothman pieces wallpaper
Julia Rothman

Marimekko Aarni
Marimekko Aarni

Marimekko Ruutuukaava
Marimekko Ruutuukaava

Even though the Cole & Son birch trees is so ubiquitous, I still love it, but I think I would want it in a larger location than the tiny front entry. I'm leaning towards Marimekko's Ruutuukaava in black and white- it also comes in grey/white and black/white/colour.

I'm also thinking about streamlining our storage.

Cutter Mini Wardrobe
Cutter mini wardrobe from Mjolk

Maybe with this pretty little number from Skagerak?

Real life, I didn't even tidy up:

Real Life - Entry
Real Life - Entry

Something must be done. Wow, it looks even more horrible in pictures!

Isabel Marant Spring 2011 Lookbook

I really was not a fan of the runway show. At all. I could only spy one or two things that I might like, but these look book images are much more appealing. I cropped some to remove the things I didn't like!

Isabel Marant Spring 2011 Lookbook

Isabel Marant Spring 2011 Lookbook

Isabel Marant Spring 2011 Lookbook

Isabel Marant Spring 2011 Lookbook

via Carolines Mode

Friday, October 29, 2010

Vanessa Bruno Lingerie

I've been a bad blogger and didn't share the rest of what I bought on my travels in Paris and Stockholm! I will try to do that over the course of this coming week (hopefully) but I will warn you that my blog might look a little "la la la look what I bought" which I hate. One thing I was determined to get in Paris this time, was some sleepwear. What I slept in was embarrassing, and it was high time I bought something more grown-up, or at least prettier.

Vanessa Bruno combi-short
I'm sorry, I tried to take my own photo but it did not turn out well!

I ended up buying this Vanessa Bruno combi-short (along with a simple black Princess Tam Tam slip) I had never really seen Vanessa Bruno's lingerie in person, but as soon as I did I fell in love! It is understated, pretty, delicate and feminine without being overtly sexy. The combi is a bit oversized, and ties with a drawstring at the waist and has beautiful lacework trim. It looks great with a chunky sweater thrown over top. It is something that someone more bold than I could find a way to wear as outerwear.

Here are some other things from her lingerie collection. I LOVE the lace bras:

Vanessa Bruno cami

Vanessa Bruno bra

Vanessa Bruno bra

above images from lagarconne

There is also a very cute pair of matching lace shorts, which I can't seem to find a picture of.

The next sleepwear I need is a pair of classic pyjamas, preferably men's style shirt and pants with piping like the ones in the Coco Avant Chanel movie. Unfortunately all of those kind I could find in Paris were upwards of 300€ I'm almost tempted to just sew a pair for myself, and get them monogrammed of course!

Thursday, October 28, 2010











painted square

Picture 1

Picture 4

Picture 6




Picture 5


I'm equal parts lazy and busy this week. I don't know how that happens, but this post is all I have in me right now. I am too lazy to source pictures, sorry!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween helper



Santos was very interested in what I was doing with this sweet-smelling food orb. I carved a few pumpkins tonight. I have five total, and I usually like to do a theme with my carvings. This year I can't quite decide- Elizabeth I theme or Notre Dame theme? I also made over 50 sugar cookies which I've been decorating all day with sprinkles and a icing pen. They look so great I almost don't want to eat them! ...but I will. I still have to make Santos' new Halloween costume and some Halloween cookies for her. She was watching me make and decorate cookies for 2 days and is quite annoyed that they aren't for her. I got some teeny-tiny themed cookie cutters that are perfectly whippet mouth sized!

Do you dress up for Halloween? I don't, but if I had an elaborate and glamorous Vogue-esque party to go to, I would love to dress up as a geisha in full accurate regalia. Jon has been bugging me to make Santos a Lewis Hamilton McLaren Mercedes F1 outfit (fast car/fast dog) so that's what she's being this year (if I finish it in time!)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bust of Dierdre

D.L. & Co. Bust of Diedre

D.L. & Co. Bust of Diedre

D.L. & Co. Bust of Diedre

D.L. & Co. Bust of Diedre

D.L. & Co. Bust of Diedre

I saw this candle when I was looking for my Halloweeny post. This is the most amazing candle I've ever seen. The Bust of Dierdre cries waxy tears as you burn her. From D.L. & Co. Oh yeah... and it's $450... yikes.

Vanessa Traina's Apartment

Vanessa Traina Harper's Bazaar

Vanessa Traina Harper's Bazaar

Vanessa Traina Harper's Bazaar

Vanessa Traina Harper's Bazaar

Vanessa Traina's Apartment c/o Harper's Bazaar

um...a stuffed zebra?

Friday, October 15, 2010


10 Avenue George V

I had been on the fence about buying a Balenciaga bag for a long time. I had wanted one for a long time, but after a while something ruined it for me, and I wasn't so sure anymore. But I figured it out- I really dislike the oversized hardware and the bright colours- that soured Balenciaga bags for me (excluding non-moto bags). The classic, regular hardware is where it's at, and this olive green suede? Heaven.

I finally channeled my money to one cause, something that I've needed for a while. A new handbag. I still love my Isabel Marant bag and use it all the time, but it has holes and needs to be sent away for repairs, and I have no backup bags. I'm a one-bag kind of person anyway. I couldn't be bothered switching it out for different outfits much, but I'm adjusting to the idea. It's nice to have my Marant bag as a backup for rainy weather (until I stop babying the new bag)

The stock photo above is colour-accurate. I fell in love with it online, and seeing it in person, I knew it had to be my new bag.






The sales associate was really nice, despite being bogged down by tourists buying bags like they're shopping in the bulk aisle. She brought out three different bags from the basement (it must smell great down there!) so I could choose the one I liked best. Because of the natural grain of the suede, different pieces of the bag can sometimes look like they're slightly different colours. The third one was perfect. I even got to check out these crazy shoes from Fall 2010- a true shoe sculpture.