Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PP Møbler

PP Møbler

PP Møbler

PP Møbler

PP Møbler

PP Møbler

PP Møbler

How amazingly cozy does that first chair look? It's called PP225 The Flag Halyard Chair by Hans Wegner, 1950. It needs to get in my life right now.

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secret getaway

If my absence has been any indication, I've been away on a little trip. Can you guess where?


If you guessed Paris, you'd be right! If you guessed Stockholm you would also be right. A short little trip- more days in Paris are always needed! We didn't get to do everything we wanted, but I still had a great time of course. I'm trying to decide a good order to show you pictures and a few of my purchases. In Paris I visited my usual shopping haunts, more or less knowing what I was after. In Stockholm, though the Swedish clothing brands are most tempting, I was all about the home goods. It was so hard to resist not buying EVERYTHING- though not really, because my credit card would protest quite easily.

Currently I am relaxing in my bed, trying to hold onto the glamorous feeling of Paris in my new Vanessa Bruno lingerie, a chunky sweater, a cup of Kusmi Detox tea, and having just finished two croissants that we smuggled over, slightly crushed by our bag. It is depressing for me to be back, with such a horrid landscape in comparison. I am tempted to close all the curtains so I don't have to look quite yet.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Royal Tenenbaums

the royal tenenbaums

the royal tenenbaums

I hadn't watched The Royal Tenenbaums in years, but I watched it once last week and then I had to watch it 3 or 4 more times over the course of the next few nights, which led to some late nights and sleepy mornings. The soundtrack is so great, I had to download that too. I love Margot's signature style, and how she dresses exactly the same as she did as a child. I shudder to think if I did the same. Eight-year-old me wasn't exactly chic, unless you consider purple Guess jeans chic....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

fat fat

B&B Italia Fat Fat low table

B&B Fat Fat table

B&B Fat Fat table

B&B Fat Fat table

B&B Italia Fat Fat table


I've been interested in monograms a lot lately. Not sure why. Monogrammed towels, vessels, luggage, stationary, etc. I've always been a bit turned off by the classic Louis Vuitton monogram, mainly because so many shiny new LV monogram bags are often seen carried on the shoulders of velour-wearing bobble heads. The vintage luggage is quite appealing though, we saw a bunch at the flea market in Paris (at equally intriguing price$) but what fun you can have on their website, personalizing some luggage with your own name and different coloured stripes!

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

I did some in red, but I like the kelly green and pale blue too... not that it matters, as personalized luggage is not in my near future!

Friday, September 3, 2010

la minijupe noir

The search is on for a perfect black mini skirt.


Joseph (again, yes!)

acne (sold out)
Acne (from past season, no longer available!)

vanessa bruno (sold out)
Vanessa Bruno (sold out past season on the outnet)

isabel marant
Isabel Marant - seriously drooling over this one! amazing! I want I want! Not happening though. The design is quite simple.. maybe I should try my hand at replicating it for a very small fraction of its price... I would never find a wool so beautiful though!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

new links!

I just wanted to bring to your attention some new links on my sidebar!


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miss mol cherie

I occasionally add links without saying anything, but I've added a bunch over the past few days so please check them out!


A little peek at my favourite looks from Maje's fall collection.

Picture 26

I'm fighting the urge to get a leopard coat. I should have saved the one I wore in my early years of highschool. Hell, with this whole 90s revival, I could have made a mint off of all my old clothing: knee-hi doc martens, leopard coats and leopard fur skirts (yes!) and a plethora of riot grrl/90s grunge/etc etc stuff... including original Hard Candy pastel blue nail polish! I still have it, including the plastic ring that came on the top (remember?). I couldn't bear to sell it or throw it away. Does anyone else remember the frenzy over this colour of nail polish? I remember back then that you could only find cool nail polish colours at Halloween, until Hard Candy and then finally some drugstore brands started coming out with cool colours. Anyway... where was I? Right, leopard print...

Picture 18
Picture 19

I LOVE this coat... and the gloves (I can't stop buying/making fur mittens!) aaand the red ankle boots!
Picture 22
Picture 21
Picture 20

Red leather pants! I love the look but I don't think I could go there myself...or could I?
Picture 23

I think I'd stick to black leather...
Picture 24

I was hoping this was a skirt, but it's one of those attached top/skirt dress things... still cute.
Picture 25