Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Canvas Home Store

Canvas Home Store

Canvas Home Store

Canvas home

Canvas is a new home web-shop selling their own brand of ceramics, furniture, lighting and home accessories made under fair trade and sustainable principles. I really love their product photography and styling. My favourites are those hand-made cutting boards, earthenware utensil holder, industrial metal shelving and the felt seat cushions. Canvas items are sold all across the USA and a few stores in Canada. You can find out what stores carry their products on their website if you don't want to order online. In Vancouver you can find them at Bacci's.

Monday, August 30, 2010

new wallet

I had been toying with the idea of using a Balenciaga coin purse as a wallet for a while. When this one passed my desk at the consignment shop I work at (new part-time job) I couldn't pass it up.


I don't usually have much cash or coins on me, so this holds my cards, reciepts and cheques needing depositing quite well. The only cash I have on me is some paper euro, which I carry so that I never forget my goal.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

future holiday home

El Palauet Hotel & Apartments, Barcelona, Spain
(via A.T.)

El Palauet Hotel & Apartments, Barcelona, Spain

El Palauet Hotel & Apartments, Barcelona, Spain

El Palauet Hotel & Apartments, Barcelona, Spain

What a beautiful place to wake up in.

Monday, August 23, 2010

chelsea boot + fall

Balenciaga Chelsea Boots

Remember how I fell in love with those Alexander Wang boots back in June? Well.... sorry, I found a much better pair! Enter the Balenciaga Arena chelsea boots. The more I looked at those AW boots, the more the cut-out and metal plate on the heel kind of bugged me. I want something a bit more timeless. These Balenciaga's are available online at Browns. Now comes the difficult part... figuring out a way to afford them (I don't really need the second kidney, right?) or finding something similar that I can afford! I've looked at Frye chelsea boots but they just don't look "special" you know? The search continues...

Speaking of purchases, I'm planning for fall! Unlike spring and summer when I sit down in a bout of depression and grimace, trying to piece together outfits that can weather temperatures above 15 degrees celsius, planning fall purchases is something I relish.

In addition to my dream flat boots, some other things I'm after for this fall...

- a navy blue and grey v-neck sweater. Preferably cashmere and slightly oversized but not sloppy. These are basics/classics so I think they should be good quality.

- other various sweaters (I need sweaters!) There are some I want to check out from Acne, and I'm sure I'll find some I like at Zara or Topshop.

Ann Demeulemeester sweater
(Ann Demeulemeester- I love this sweater but it's never going to happen!)

isabel  marant sweater f10
(Isabel Marant)

Acne sweater

Acne sweater

- grey and/or beige (tan/light grey/something light) pleated tapered pants

- black cape coat

Ann Demeulemeester Cape
(Ann Demeulemeester)

- camel overcoat (and if it starts raining money, a grey one too!)

Ann Demeulemeester coat
(Ann Demeulemeester- LOVE this coat!)

mango coat
(Mango. I almost bought a coat like this last year at Zara)

- black fur coat of some kind. Either vintage or faux fur. I'm looking for something with a mix of different lengths, which I think will be impossible to find!

fur alta mira
(via Alta Mira)

doo ri f10
(Doo Ri)

- simple wool skirts (1 mini and 1 knee-length) I like this mini from Joseph.

Joseph skirt

- blouses (it seems like I never have tops) These will probably come from Zara - I always find tops I like there.

- leather leggings. It feels like I've been looking for affordable leather or suede leggings for years! I tried on a pair in COS when we were in Antwerp and I'm thinking I should have just bought the damn things! Haider Ackermann are my dream leather leggings- they fit so amazingly!

- something red! Either a jacket or a skirt... worn with nude/tan.

Harper's Bazaar September 2010

mango jacket

- something burgandy (Vanessa Bruno dress?)

vanessa bruno dress

- blue/black combo plaid shirt. My plaid shirt is on it's last legs and it makes me feel frumpy when I wear it. Time for a new one.

- light grey dress or skirt to go with a Rick Owens jacket I have yet to unveil. I am still dreaming of the Rick Owens ice queen head-to-toe light grey look.

Rick Owens F09

- black velveteen or thin-wale corduroy jeans. I desperately need an alternative to denim.

Velvet jeans Notify


- scarves! Navy, olive green, ribbed grey. I really want a Faliero Sarti scarf but I don't think I'll be able to afford one this fall.

- a leopard print belt. Ideally a vintage one that I find at a thrift store within 5 minutes of arriving (it's the best when you can actually find exactly what you want!) or else from a department store. Plain gold buckle preferably.

- suede ankle boots in grey. I still love the classic Isabel Marant boots, and now that there are so many "inspired by" versions, I don't think these will be difficult to find. Ideally I would love a pair by Marant herself, but... le budget...

Isabel Marant boots
(Isabel Marant boots via Heart in a Cage)

- No6 shearling ankle boots... I'm on the fence about these. They're cute and warm, but also trendy... so I don't know... I think it will either be the suede ankle boots or these. I guess I don't really need both.. "technically"...

No6 Shearling Clog boots

- black wide brimmed felt hat. I think I've found the perfect one after 2 years of looking!

Things I want but are definitely not going to happen due to "le budget":

- over the knee LD Tuttle boots

- new bag. I hate that I need a new bag! I despise the idea of buying a cheaply made bag just because I need one and can't afford one I actually love. I don't know what to do about this situation!

Wow, my list sounds so long! I'm trying to limit my purchases. I won't get everything on this list of course, but it's fun to at least make one.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Balenciaga Lune Medium

This is the Balenciaga Lune medium. You may have seen it before. How beautiful is this bag? I'm in love. I fondled a green one in Printemps during winter sale season in Paris. Structured and elegant yet with a modest and nonchalant air about it. The Lune says "Oui, I am beautiful and obscenely expensive, but do I need to shout about it? Non."

As seen in these Pre-fall 2009 images. These looks are still so so good.

Balenciaga Pre-fall 2009

Balenciaga Pre-fall 2009

Friday, August 13, 2010


I like to draw little pictures of clothes I want to check out in person- or else sometimes when I'm in a store I will forget!

I randomly popped into Aldo on a whim a few weeks ago, on the way to or from somewhere, probably Sephora, and really liked these bracelets. They are strands of thin overlapping metal cups.

I've been getting really into skincare lately, after a short obsession with makeup. I started to watch youtube videos on makeup a few months ago and got obsessed. I started writing out long lists of makeup I wanted, but realized that I need to get my skin sorted out first. And besides that, I really don't like to wear a lot of makeup, or don't like to look like I'm wearing a lot of makeup. I want to start getting regular facials, take better care of my eyebrows, nails, etc. But in my youtube makeup-guru rampage, I did find the perfect shade of foundation FINALLY after years and years of settling for a slightly-too-dark shade. Enter Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation SPF 15 (whew) in 00 aka Alabaster aka white as fuck.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

grey cashmere

I'd like to present you with an image of this beautiful Proenza Schouler sweater.

La Garconne - Proenza Schouler sweater

Why oh why must you be $870 when you are the most perfect grey cashmere sweater I have possibly ever seen.

That is all.

It's been raining here for the last two days and I've loved every minute. I can't wait for Autumn and lots of sweaters.

Friday, August 6, 2010


salt lake city punk