Tuesday, February 23, 2010

bed hog

I'm just keeping your pillow warm...

this is the bed hog that crawls in between us and then stretches her legs out in front of her body and PUSHES us away for more room. she's also a notorious spot stealer. as soon as you get up, she crawls into your warm depression. i never thought i'd allow a dog into bed, but look at that face!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

sunday night grab bag


yesterday on our way down to seattle we picked up a set of staub cast iron dutch ovens we ordered (2 babies and 1 large oval in white.) we ate a few meals prepared and presented in the mini dutch ovens in paris, and we want to try our own at home. i love the staub brand because their dutch ovens seem to have more of a rustic and hand-forged look to them. i seasoned them last night with vegetable oil, so they are good to go. i think the first meal will be a ham with sweet potato gratins.

Abacus Tea Towel - Skinny Laminx

i love this new tea towel from skinny laminx! i'm going to order one asap.

totem votive set
Totem Votive Set - MOMA
i like that these candles are modular/stackable. i've often wanted to learn wood turning and woodworking.

de palma canvas and leather tote
De Palma Tote - Spartan
i think this utilitarian-looking tote would be perfect for spring and summer, either as a beach tote or for carrying home groceries

see by chloe crab key ring
See by Chloe Keyring - Otte

i just think this is cute, though i wish it was one of those awesome things you find in a 99 cent store instead of from see by chloe for $120. the body of the crab is a little change purse, perfect for dog treats!

this weekend was so beautiful and sunny! i got a new pair of jeans from totokaelo (acne kex in blacks) acne is my favorite brand for jeans. my first pair was about 4 years ago (hex in cash) and i still wear them often. they are faded, but absolutely no holes!

Friday, February 19, 2010

françoise hardy: style inspiration

Françoise Hardy
Françoise Hardy
Françoise Hardy
Françoise Hardy
Françoise Hardy
Françoise Hardy
Françoise Hardy
Françoise Hardy
Françoise Hardy

timeless style. those first few photos are really making me want a fringe again, i won't lie!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

hotel michelberger -> berlin

Berlin- Michelberger Hotel

Berlin- Michelberger Hotel

i wanted to share with you the hotel we stayed at in berlin. if you have stayed at the ace before, you could compare it to that. the hotel was a warehouse in east berlin that is now converted into a hip budget hotel.

we were very lucky that the hotel was located so close to the s and u bahn (warschauer strasse) when it was so freezing, because being lost in the cold and snow with bags in tow is not fun! it's literally right across the street.

Michelberger Hotel
Michelberger Hotel

the entrance is actually in a little courtyard, which was full of evergreen trees and a warming hut when we were there in december/january. the lobby has a bar with snacks, and also a huge lounge where lamp shades and room dividers and coffee tables are made from wire mesh and many many books. there is also a dining hall.

Michelberger Hotel

rooms range from "cosy" (small room with bed, tv, shower, bathroom), "loft" (big bed up high, sofa, etc), "band" (4-5 single beds up high and down low, etc.), "big one" (two showers/toilets, 3 sofas, large tv, room for 6-8 people), "wg" (group share rooms). michelberger also has special deluxe rooms called "the chalet," "room with a view," "the golden one," and "the clever one." you can see pictures of these rooms on their website.

we stayed in their basic room that looks like this:

Michelberger Hotel
funny thing, the shower has a big window into the room, so your friend can watch you bathe, he he. fun place to stay!

Michelberger Hotel
Warschauer Straße 39/40 10243 Berlin

(images other than first 2 from here, here, here)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the row

i normally don't pay attention to this brand, but i really like these detail shots from the new fall collection, taken by jak+jil

The Row F10

The Row F10

i love the leather gloves with a onepiece (?) and the croc fold-over clutch mixed with drapey double faced wool.

Monday, February 15, 2010

uniform inkblots

Uniform Natural Home
Uniform Natural Home
Uniform Natural Home

new inkblot pillows and table runner from uniform natural home. if you follow martha's flickr like i do, you know she has great style, makes amazing clothing and always posts such inspirational pictures of her own home, her design process and daily life.

the pillows and table runner are available here.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

sunday night grab bag

some things i've been lusting over this weekend:

my very first decent flower arrangement, in my humble opinion! mums, carnations (yep!) and freesia. total cost $25 (including tax) using flowers from whole foods and save on foods. could be cheaper if i travelled further for less expensive flowers. my goal is to assemble arrangements with cheap store-bought flowers! a while ago i watched a video series on eddie ross' blog about arranging flowers and it really helped me.

it's a short arrangement in a clear square vase that i wrapped with ribbon so the stems aren't visible.

Weekend Flowers
Weekend Flowers

we watched the fantastic mr. fox, which was great! it really wasn't a movie i was dying to see, but i was surprised i enjoyed it so much.
Fantastic Mr. Fox

i spent much of the weekend trying to figure out some key things i need in my wardrobe. i really need more 'core' items that i can just throw on and not think. i tend to make foolish purchases now and then.

this joseph blazer should definitely be a staple in my wardrobe:
joseph smoking jacket - la garconne

no.6 shearling aviator boots
no 6 aviator boot
i really need a warm pair of boots for next winter (shearling lined!) and it doesn't hurt that they're cute and not absurdly priced.

i hope everyone had a great weekend, an enjoyable valentine's day and happy chinese new year!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

new colourful arne jacobsen lamps

at new aj lamps
via at

i love arne jacobsen's aj table and floor lamps. i hope one day i will have one, but until then i'll just lust after these new 50th anniversary coloured editions. how great is the light blue and the red?! so far only available at finnishdesignshop.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

easy style


charlotte gainsbourg in air france madame via tfs

Sunday, February 7, 2010

sunday night grab bag

what i've been lusting over this weekend:

cylinder lamp from spartan
Cylinder Lamp - Spartan
i'm constantly looking for lighting for our place, and i like the clean industrial look of this table lamp.

sally leather pouch from oak
Sally leather pouch - Oak
i want to replace my makeup bag with something more durable like leather. i thought this one was interesting: i like that it has a strap so it looks like a clutch when you take it to the washroom. not sure about the fade though- i think i'd like it more if it was solid.

floral branches from martha stewart
Floral Branches - Martha Stewart

fuji instamax camera
Fuji Instamax
i really want this so i can put photos all over the wall like in grade school, but they'll look much more chic!

bathroom organization inspiration from martha stewart
Bathroom Organization - Martha StewartBathroom Organization - Martha Stewart
Bathroom Organization - Martha Stewart
i've been on a bit of a cleaning rampage lately, and i found these pics that make me want to take it to another level, and then i get concerned that people might think i'm crazy. yes/no?

metal first aid kit
First Aid Kit
i do want to get this metal first aid kit though, so my arsenal of band-aids are all in one spot.

i hope everyone had a good weekend! i went to an antique market and found a dentists metal teeth mold that was really cool/creepy, but the seller would only sell them as a set with a whole bunch of other vintage dentist equipment. then jon reminded me that i'm supposed to be de-cluttering and what part metal dentist teeth played in that? i guess he's right. i have to cut down on the "stuff."

Saturday, February 6, 2010

j. crew leather luggage

i was perusing the j.crew website yesterday, and i came across their new new luggage collection. they are leather, and made in italy by dell'ga. heavenly. there is a suitcase, a garment bag and a duffel-style valise, each available in stone (an off-white) or orange. these bags are pricey (just like the globe trotter luggage i'm lusting over) but so glamorous. the inside is really beautiful. i think i could spend hours staring at my stacks of clothing perfectly arranged inside of this suitcase. i'm partial to the off-white of course, but i can only imagine how dirty it would get being man-handled at the airport.

feast your eyes on these:

Picture 6

Picture 5

Picture 11

Picture 7

check them out here.

Friday, February 5, 2010


one more place to add to my never-ending list of stores to visit in tokyo. pretty vignettes from cinq in harajuku and kichijoji.

the iitala sarpaneva pot has been on my wish list for a while- one day! i'd love to find out who makes the white pot as well. any ideas? i though it was dansk at first, but the handles are different aren't they?




5F high nest harajyuku
6-12-15 jingumae, shibuya


2-28-3 Kichijoji Hon-cho 1F