Sunday, January 31, 2010

sunday night grab bag

what i've been lusting over this weekend:

petit bateau organic mariniere
Picture 5
i have a nice apc one from many seasons ago that seems to be cursed. every time i wear it i spill something on myself! luckily if it doesn't come out in the wash, my drycleaner man saves the day. but i could still use a backup!

myla desiree soft bra
Picture 6
it's a really good thing that i don't live in new york, or anywhere close to this store! i would be broke all the time from buying pretty lingerie.

calligraphy in lonny magazine
Picture 4
another thing i need to add to my "to-do" list: learn calligraphy

lampe gras no.205
after checking this lamp on brook farm general store, i was able to fondle it in person at merci in paris. it's so perfect, i just wish it was a bit more in my budget, along with most lighting i lust after.

"dungaree" overalls from cos
Picture 3
i love how these look, but i have a feeling i might feel silly in them. i don't have to worry though, the closest store is 7,577km away!

hope everyone had a great weekend! i'm happy to be back home from denver.

Monday, January 25, 2010


lately i've been exploring some collections that i wouldn't normally look at, just to expand my mind and think about different colours and a more refined look. valentino pre-fall was a total "whoah" moment for me- the red!! wow. valentino red pumped up! i especially like the red paired with the red/brown fur coat. zara did some really great faux fur coats for fall that looked surprisingly good. the quality of faux fur has really improved so you don't end up looking like a muppet.

Valentino Pre Fall 10

i love the red paired with nude footwear.

Valentino Pre Fall 10

this is beautiful. so inspired by colour lately, but nervous about how to incorporate it into my own wardrobe.

Valentino Pre Fall 10

Sunday, January 24, 2010

royal academy of fine art: fashion -> antwerp

our hotel was conveniently located right across the street from the fashion department of the royal academy of fine art, as well as the adjoining fashion museum. from our window we could see students draping on forms in the school. so on one particularly cold and windy day i was more than happy to explore their exhibits and wonderful bookstore.

i found the student work most fascinating. the antwerp fashion exhibit we saw in tokyo was amazing and also featured student work, but unfortunately photography was not allowed and i still wish i would have had a sketchbook so i could at least capture something. so i was very happy to be able to take some photos to show you. i especially wanted to share these with the girls i went to fashion school with, because we had a skirt project too, but it was nothing like this!

this is first-year work, but i can't remember from which year (2008 i think), an exploration of the skirt. they were to all use denim, and you can see how each designer used it in a different way. this project included deep research and exploration and was to represent the students' aesthetic and voice.

unfortunately i was not so organized to take down each student's name. please excuse the quality, everything was behind glass and a bit hard to photograph!


this was one of my favorites. i like how the denim was shredded and taken down to its most simple form, and the yarn used like tassles.


this is another of my favorites. the denim is folded and stitched strategically, and has the look of origami.








the bookstore was amazing, so many beautiful design books, and many hard to find fashion books! of course they had all sorts of books from the famous belgian designers. there were a few that i wanted to buy, but i wanted to check the prices online to make sure it was cheaper to buy them in europe rather than online. it was cheaper, but we got busy and i forgot to go back and buy them! i really wish i had, because one isn't available in north america (unless you want to pay $250!)

the exhibit they had at the museum was a retrospective on the 180 year old luxury belgian handbag design house delvaux. it was interesting, but i was hoping there would have been something on a belgian clothing designer, or at least on clothing and not bags.

website-> royal academy of fine art: fashion department
website-> momu

Nationalestraat 28
2000 Antwerp

Thursday, January 21, 2010

pre-fall 10

giambattisa valli isn't a designer that's usually on my radar, but the pre-fall collection really appeals to me. i really like the colours and textures, especially that burnt ochre brown. i was trying to find a top that colour this fall and for the life of me couldn't find anything that fit the bill! i really love it paired with black. black and brown combined together has been on my radar for a while now, ever since i acquired my brown shearling rick owens jacket.

giambattista valli 01

and mushroom too

giambattista valli 02

i love the texture of this coat and the length of the sleeve, as impractical is it may be. That's what elbow length gloves are for, right?! one thing i've learned as a mild-west-coast-winter-dweller, is that i really do need a mid-thigh length, bum-covering coat! i was freezing my buns off during the europe cold snap, even with my toasty waist-length shearling! and i refused to buy a cheap long coat, because that's just wasted money to me. a beautiful high-quality coat with an interesting texture is definitely on my wish list for next fall/winter. i think you can instantly look chic with a beautiful coat and killer shoes- that is my philosophy anyway, and is reflected in my wardrobe and shopping habits! i have a problem.

giambattista valli 03

this dress intrigues me- working in the fashion industry as a designer and having to deal with fabric useage, engineered prints, colour strike-off variances in different fibers, etc, etc (who ever said fashion is fun?) something about the sheer printed sleeves' pattern degrading into the pattern of the dress really gives me butterflies. sheer is definitely something i'm feeling overall, but not obnoxious sheer- refined sheer, and this fits.

giambattista valli 04

some pretty-sheer at preen


i'm very interested in pale milky colours lately too. this givenchy look is on target, but the colour of the stockings throw me off. surprisingly i'm kind of liking the dark shoes with this look, though i can't tell if they're black or brown. something tells me brown might actually work better?


this is 'a lot of look' as people say, but something about it is appealing to me. it's definitely a look that's got to be done right or else it could go horribly awry. cos has leather shorts exactly like this.


lastly, a totally uncharacteristic pick for me, but i just love this colour palette. it feels so organic and artistic. that knit reminds me of tapestries my grandfather used to make. from balenciaga.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

le petit atelier de paris -> paris

i had this store on my map from the last time i was in paris, but never made it there until this trip. le petit atelier de paris specializes in unique handmade ceramics and other objects. the marais boutique also houses the workshop of its two designers.

the store is very cute, and it even has a little mascot, a shiba inu! i looove shiba inus- there is one at our local dog park that santos plays with. i really wish i took a picture of theirs while we were there, because he was lying on the floor with half his body wedged under the radiator and didn't move an inch when we walked into the store!

(this photo is from their blog)

i walked laps around the store until i finally decided on the petit déjeuner set, a bowl/mug that fits into a small tray.

one of the best parts is the packaging- i just love fantastic packaging.





Picture 1

many other cute things they make can be seen on their website and also their blog

le petit atelier de paris
31 rue montmorenoy
75003, paris

please visit if you are ever in paris!

le chat du café des artistes

i just started listening to charlotte gainsbourg's new album after i was reminded of it in paris.

this is the only song i'm liking (probably because it sounds more like her last album), but i've only listened through 'irm' once, maybe it will grow on me.

and the original. i loooove the video.

cristo and jeanne-claude

"Christo and Jeanne-Claude met in Paris, France in November, 1958, sharing the same date of birth and have worked together for 51 years creating temporary works of art."

i find it interesting that all their work was funded by their own pocket, they did not accept donations or sponsorship for any of it. that is a lot of fabric to buy.

you can read much more on their website, i especially recommend reading the "common errors" section!

cristo and jeanne-claude
wrapped coast, australia 1968-69

cristo and jeanne-claude
wrapped monuments, milan 1970

cristo and jeanne-claude
running fence, california 1972-76

cristo and jeanne-claude
surrounded islands, miami 1980-83

cristo and jeanne-claude
pont neuf wrapped, paris 1975-85

cristo and jeanne-claude

cristo and jeanne-claude
wrapped reichstag, berlin 1971-95

cristo and jeanne-claude
wrapped trees, switzerland 1997-98

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

it's a new year

i'm hoping to make some big changes this year. not all my resolutions are posted here- some are more personal and i'd like to keep them to myself.

this is my list so far, but i'm sure there's more, so i might edit this post when i think of them. usually i'm not into resolutions because typically i'm too lazy to keep any- but this is a new year! so i'll say this is "stuff i want to do this year...and beyond!":

-buy less stuff
-save more money
-be less messy
-read more
-learn to make bento
-make more art
-dress more refined
-take fencing lessons
-get a subscription to national geographic
-cook more
-take 1 rosetta stone lesson a day (french or japanese)
-stay in better contact with my brother
-use my candles
-sew more
-drink more water

do you believe in new years resolutions or is it too much pressure?

ps- the image is from artists christo and jeanne-claude who do (well, did- jeanne-claude is deceased) large scale outdoor installations, covering landmarks, trees, surrounding islands in fabric. you might recognize their work once you see the rest of the photos. i'm going to do a separate post on them because the images are amazing!

m0851 guestrooms -> antwerp

i was really looking forward to staying at m0851 in antwerp- i posted about them before we left. from pictures i found online the rooms looked amazing, and i was definitely not disappointed! first of all, the location is great, and easy to find- it's just a short walk from the groenplaats metro and tram stop and right across the street from the momu fashion museum.

we stayed in room II, the black/white/gold room. it's a bit of a hike up the stairs, especially with luggage in tow! but walking in was like coming home, in a good way. it felt comfortable and homey, yet modern at the same time. our room had wide-plank wooden floors painted black, clean white walls and a gold ceiling and antique moulding. behind the bed is a desk space with a purple flokati rug on the floor. i never thought a purple flokati rug would make me lustful, but i suddenly want a purple flokati rug! there are oversized vases holding black painted sticks in one corner by the three double-windows. framed by white sheers and luxe black velvet drapes, they really let a lot of light in, which i think it key to making a black-heavy room work.

plus they don't skimp on the details. pressed high-quality bed linens, tolomeo lamps over the bed, flatscreen tv and dvd player, iittala candle holders, illy coffee, vipp soap dispenser and trash can, soft luxe towels and the yummiest smelling milk body wash.

my pictures don't really do the room justice, but you get the idea.








and the view looking north!

i highly recommend m0851 to anyone visiting antwerp.
Nationalestraat 19
B-2000 Antwerpen
+32-(0) 3 297 60 66

since i'm pretty much obsessed with the decor in our room, i've put together this little collage of things to get the same look. the only problem on my end is i don't have wood floors, wide moulding, big windows, and my boyfriend opposes drapes or curtains of any kind with a fiery passion. so i'll just be content staring at these pictures over and over again!

m0851 antwerp

tolomeo micro lamp
purple flokati rug
vipp soap dispenser
iittala candle holders
foscarini twiggy lettura floor lamp