Wednesday, November 17, 2010

shopping report: Club Monaco

Walking by Club Monaco the other week I spied a olive scarf in the window that got me intrigued. This past weekend I took a look, and boy was that a mistake! There were abundant amounts of stuff I liked. I went back today to assess the situation, and try on a crap load of stuff. I always feel a bit bad when I do this, because sales associates seem to get a bit excited, thinking I'm going on a shopping spree or something. Since Club Monaco's website doesn't provide pictures of everything (hurry up online shopping!) I took my old camera with me to take some fitting room photos. I apologize for the quality. The lighting was not too great, and I didn't want to draw attention to myself using the flash. I almost don't want to post them on my blog because the quality is so poor... oh well.

Oops- I forgot how to turn off the flash on this camera! Correct colours at least...

They had the cutest sleepwear- cami's and little shorts and a onesie. Unfortunately they were not flattering at all. A real shame, because on the hangers they are so cute.


I was hoping this sweater would be more like this sweater, but it just didn't do it for me. $129

Club Monaco

I really like this hat. $69

Club Monaco

This blouse is good in theory, but there are gathers at the cuff which make rolling the sleeves very difficult. $129

These sweatpants were cute- they even had back pockets which is always more flattering- but $80 for sweatpants I can not do.

These scarves are so cozy, and the colour (horribly represented in this photo) is a perfect olive green. Pricey at $98

Club Monaco

Sorry this photo is a bit useless, but they are black shearling fingerless gloves. I kind of love them. Pricey at $98

This silk blouse is a winner- I love pocket blouses. $119

Some other things that caught my eye:

Club Monaco

Club Monaco
$148-ish I think

Club Monaco

Can anyone out there tell me how much these things run in the USA? Our dollar is so good right now, I think a shopping trip to Seattle might be in order.



Thanks for sharing.. I've heard of club monaco once but never checked out the brand.. the white silk blouse is almost perfect!! A bit too sheer for my taste and I want one without a collar.. otherwise, perfect!!

Stephanie said...

My Zara blouse from last season (2 square pockets and mandarin collar with roll-up-able sleeves) is my "perfect white pocket blouse" but I always get it dirty! I need a back-up :)

Alison said...

Those button-down shirts are so slouchy and perfect.

Prêt à Porter P said...

I still like the sweater on you, especially against your hair color. The hat gets my vote too. Club Monaco has pretty good sales though...

Giraffe said...

I think shopbop carries some of Club Monaco stuff, so you can check out the prices.
I like the white blouse, so slouchy.

Psychedelic Memory said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the white blouse! Just perfect even the price is great considering the ones I've put on my consideration list is way to overpriced.

Mandy said...

That white silk blouse is perfection !!!

Jo. said...

Our prices in Seattle are really no different. Sales seem to be the only way to shop at Club Monaco anymore. I use to date a boy that did the visuals & when he would come into Seattle it was still hardly worth shopping with the discount. We did just get an All Saints store however!

The Glossy Editor said...

sign up for their "friends and family sale". usually 30% off everything in store.... they email you to let you know good luck:) likey the hat;)

Stephanie said...

H- They have another round-neck cashmere sweater in that olive green colour that I'm thinking about getting. It has slits at the side-seams :) Yeah, I will wait for the sales for most of this stuff... just hope there will be some left!

Giraffe- thanks, I forgot about that!

Psychadellic- it's 100% silk too.

Jo- thanks, good to know. I had no idea you guys got an All Saints! Might have to check it out next time I'm there.

The Glossy Editor- I was told by an associate that they don't do the F&F sales anymore. I used to go to them all the time.

Donna A. said...

Not sure if this is true in the US, but Canadian students get a 20% discount with a student card.

I'm waiting for that green sweater to go on sale, too. Also that high waist navy velvet polkadot skirt. Gah, CM is sew gewd at clothes.

gina esposito said...

i always find club monaco clothing to be unflattering. the blouse is cute though! | |