Sunday, November 7, 2010


Here in Vancouver it is rumored that this winter will be a cold and snowy one. To clear things up for people who might not know, the west coast of Canada has very mild winters. It rarely snows- we are more likely to have a bit of rain.

So after hearing all these forecasts, and struggling through the European deep-freeze last winter unprepared, I'm after a warm parka and some boots this year. I thought I would do a round-up of parka options.

Maje Parka
Maje Alaska Parka

Zadig + Voltaire Kenny Parka
Zadig + Voltaire Kenny Parka

Rag & Bone Waterloo Parka Wool
Rag & Bone Waterloo Parka in wool

Rag & Bone Waterloo Parka
Rag & Bone Waterloo Parka in cotton

Isabel Marant Parka
Etoile Isabel Marant cotton Parka with fleece lining

Rachel Comey parka
Rachel Comey Snorkel Parka

Isabel Marant Celso Parka
Etoile Isabel Marant Celso Parka

I love all these parkas, but none are in my budget. I'm going to hunt my local military surplus stores for a parka, which many of these coats' designs are based off: the N3B. I will report back if I find anything good! There are always some on ebay if you don't have a surplus store near you.


la femme said...

Love the Maje.

I gave in and got a heavy duty parka last winter after years of layering and freezing. So glad I did.

Good luck in your search.

Miss B. said...

I just bought a lovely parka at *gasp* Forever 21! I saw it when I was walking buy, perfect olive, faux fur that is removable, nice length and the quality is a-ok, for $35! It's so perfect and you would never know that it was a bargain coat. I just looked on their site but they didn't ave it but they might still have it in their stores:)

elizabeth said...

Oh la la, I love both the Rachel Comey and the Isabel Marant Celso parka.....but do we have to start thinking about winter already? Sometimes living in Canada just seems like so much work.

Taj said...

i like the Isabella Marant and the 2nd Rag&Bone......

Kelly said...

Check also - they do a lot of thinsulate linings! Not the most chic, but warm, and can be styled to look cooler than they're meant.

E. said...

Do you have Comptoir des Cotonniers in Canada? They have lovely parks this season.

twototsintow said...

My sister is selling her Etoile by Isabel Marant Parka that you have featured in this blog! She'll be posting it on Ebay, but we live in Vancouver too, if you are still on the hunt. In army green size 2 (medium)! Email me if interested.

twototsintow said...

My sister is selling her Isabel Marant Parka that you have featured in this blog! In army green! Email if interested.