Friday, October 29, 2010

Vanessa Bruno Lingerie

I've been a bad blogger and didn't share the rest of what I bought on my travels in Paris and Stockholm! I will try to do that over the course of this coming week (hopefully) but I will warn you that my blog might look a little "la la la look what I bought" which I hate. One thing I was determined to get in Paris this time, was some sleepwear. What I slept in was embarrassing, and it was high time I bought something more grown-up, or at least prettier.

Vanessa Bruno combi-short
I'm sorry, I tried to take my own photo but it did not turn out well!

I ended up buying this Vanessa Bruno combi-short (along with a simple black Princess Tam Tam slip) I had never really seen Vanessa Bruno's lingerie in person, but as soon as I did I fell in love! It is understated, pretty, delicate and feminine without being overtly sexy. The combi is a bit oversized, and ties with a drawstring at the waist and has beautiful lacework trim. It looks great with a chunky sweater thrown over top. It is something that someone more bold than I could find a way to wear as outerwear.

Here are some other things from her lingerie collection. I LOVE the lace bras:

Vanessa Bruno cami

Vanessa Bruno bra

Vanessa Bruno bra

above images from lagarconne

There is also a very cute pair of matching lace shorts, which I can't seem to find a picture of.

The next sleepwear I need is a pair of classic pyjamas, preferably men's style shirt and pants with piping like the ones in the Coco Avant Chanel movie. Unfortunately all of those kind I could find in Paris were upwards of 300€ I'm almost tempted to just sew a pair for myself, and get them monogrammed of course!


Amy T said...

such pretty lingerie. i wish i cared more about my underwear ahha
and what a beautiful purchase

Brigadeiro said...

How gorgeous! Love the combi & lace bras. Matching shorts would be SO cute!

Prêt à Porter P said...

The romber looks beautiful.
I feel like I've seen the pajama style you're looking for all over the place, especially around the holidays pajama sets should start turning up.

Stephanie said...

Amy- haha, I'm beginning to care too much, and it's costing me!

Brig- they are pretty adorable.

H- You're right, I'm going to keep a look out. Victoria's Secret had a almost-okay set but it was polyester :(

Sarah Dee said...

I love it!