Saturday, October 30, 2010


I'm itching to put wallpaper somewhere in our place, and I'm thinking the front entry. It's dark and cramped, and needs a bit of a makeover and some decluttering. Being in that area stresses me out right now.

Some wallpapers I'm into:

Cole & Son woods
Cole & Son

graham and brown frames
Graham and Brown

juliarothman pieces wallpaper
Julia Rothman

Marimekko Aarni
Marimekko Aarni

Marimekko Ruutuukaava
Marimekko Ruutuukaava

Even though the Cole & Son birch trees is so ubiquitous, I still love it, but I think I would want it in a larger location than the tiny front entry. I'm leaning towards Marimekko's Ruutuukaava in black and white- it also comes in grey/white and black/white/colour.

I'm also thinking about streamlining our storage.

Cutter Mini Wardrobe
Cutter mini wardrobe from Mjolk

Maybe with this pretty little number from Skagerak?

Real life, I didn't even tidy up:

Real Life - Entry
Real Life - Entry

Something must be done. Wow, it looks even more horrible in pictures!


PAGE NUMBER 3 said...

I love the Marimekko ruutukaava wallpaper.
You should come to the store and see the samples.

Stephanie said...

I will!

girlheartfood said...

I've stayed in a hotel with the tree wallpaper, I like it! I'd like some wallpaper for a cupboard in my bathroom but all the bathroom wallpapers I've come across are horrid!

Pennerad said...

i've never been too fond of wallpapers but these have changed my mind. i quite like the tree wallpaper but i think the size of the space and how the wallpaper looks en vivo are pretty important, too. can't wait to see the new space.

lauren said...

check out Walnut in LA


Anthea said...

Interesting choices! Cool :)

Pénélope said...

Love the "Graham and Brown" one! Others are really beautiful too. SO WHERE IS THE FINAL WORK? Haha.

Stephanie said...

Lauren- great, thanks!!

Penelope- I'm trying to convince my boyfriend ;)