Tuesday, September 28, 2010

secret getaway

If my absence has been any indication, I've been away on a little trip. Can you guess where?


If you guessed Paris, you'd be right! If you guessed Stockholm you would also be right. A short little trip- more days in Paris are always needed! We didn't get to do everything we wanted, but I still had a great time of course. I'm trying to decide a good order to show you pictures and a few of my purchases. In Paris I visited my usual shopping haunts, more or less knowing what I was after. In Stockholm, though the Swedish clothing brands are most tempting, I was all about the home goods. It was so hard to resist not buying EVERYTHING- though not really, because my credit card would protest quite easily.

Currently I am relaxing in my bed, trying to hold onto the glamorous feeling of Paris in my new Vanessa Bruno lingerie, a chunky sweater, a cup of Kusmi Detox tea, and having just finished two croissants that we smuggled over, slightly crushed by our bag. It is depressing for me to be back, with such a horrid landscape in comparison. I am tempted to close all the curtains so I don't have to look quite yet.


heart in a cage said...

Oh, how I long to leave for Paris right now! I really want to visit Stockholm sometime too!
Can't wait to see your pictures and purchases;)

Mallory said...

Oooh I'm so jealous of your trip! I definitely hope you post pictures.

PAGE NUMBER 3 said...

Welcome back!
Can't wait tosee the pics.
Let's meet up next week :)

fleur_delicious said...

looks like you had better weather than we did, but funny, I was in both Stockholm and Paris in August. Can't wait to see your pics; it's so nice to have personal associations with these places now! (totally packed home foie gras, wine, a box of macarons and candied violets from La Duree, caramels from Mt. St. Michel and several tins of Kusmi!)