Wednesday, September 1, 2010


A little peek at my favourite looks from Maje's fall collection.

Picture 26

I'm fighting the urge to get a leopard coat. I should have saved the one I wore in my early years of highschool. Hell, with this whole 90s revival, I could have made a mint off of all my old clothing: knee-hi doc martens, leopard coats and leopard fur skirts (yes!) and a plethora of riot grrl/90s grunge/etc etc stuff... including original Hard Candy pastel blue nail polish! I still have it, including the plastic ring that came on the top (remember?). I couldn't bear to sell it or throw it away. Does anyone else remember the frenzy over this colour of nail polish? I remember back then that you could only find cool nail polish colours at Halloween, until Hard Candy and then finally some drugstore brands started coming out with cool colours. Anyway... where was I? Right, leopard print...

Picture 18
Picture 19

I LOVE this coat... and the gloves (I can't stop buying/making fur mittens!) aaand the red ankle boots!
Picture 22
Picture 21
Picture 20

Red leather pants! I love the look but I don't think I could go there myself...or could I?
Picture 23

I think I'd stick to black leather...
Picture 24

I was hoping this was a skirt, but it's one of those attached top/skirt dress things... still cute.
Picture 25


I Get a Fever said...

I love Maje but have to admit the line isn't (generally) the best fit for my body type. Well, the tops are fine but the trousers never seem to work with my hips/thighs. Those red leather trousers are killer... But I'd probably go for the black.

DJ said...

I love that coat too!

And I was so excited to see Vanessa Traina in the ad campaign. She is so gorgeous!

Prêt à Porter P said...

I'm going to second the leopard coat. The second coat is amazing. Maybe if the red leather pants were darker shade of red. Sometimes when I like something but it's not the usual, I'm wary of spending a lot on it since it's something I'd really have to be in the mood to wear.

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

I've been hunting forever for the perfect red suede boots and those might be it! Now how do I get them hmmm.....

Stephanie said...

Igetafever- that's too bad. I can't remember if I've tried on anything from them or not. I know pants and skirts for me are the hardest to fit because I have no hips!

DJ- I love those photos of her

H- Yep, if it's something I'm not too sure of I definitely go for a cheapy version! Ebay and vintage stores :) though I doubt I'd find red leather skinny pants!

Don'tforgettheY- I know... I wish there was a good proxy service for France/Paris.

Millicent Designs said...

i just found your blog!

love it! (& love fellow canadian bloggers)

keep up the posts, lady. you're onto something.

p.s. when you find a good version of the leather pants, leopard coat or those red boots for us westerners, fill a girl in!