Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Canvas Home Store

Canvas Home Store

Canvas Home Store

Canvas home

Canvas is a new home web-shop selling their own brand of ceramics, furniture, lighting and home accessories made under fair trade and sustainable principles. I really love their product photography and styling. My favourites are those hand-made cutting boards, earthenware utensil holder, industrial metal shelving and the felt seat cushions. Canvas items are sold all across the USA and a few stores in Canada. You can find out what stores carry their products on their website if you don't want to order online. In Vancouver you can find them at Bacci's.


Brigadeiro said...

Gorgeous pics! I have that last chair! Well, 4 of them :) and I love 'em!

elizabeth said...

So pretty, I just love the kitchen in the first photo. So subtle.

DJ said...

Gotta love Bacci's!! It's the only store in Vancouver I shop at (when stuff goes on sale! LOL)

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

This post makes me sick with desire. Thanks for sharing!!

Pergolina said...

we sell canvas at our store - pergolina!

we love love love their items. so clean and simple yet beautifully designed. their showroom is always so tempting. i want to buy everything for myself! (and i own some of their things - love them!) great post!