Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This weekend we were out at my parents for father's day. My brother was on the grill and I had spent all day in the kitchen at my place, preparing food. I made Jamie Oliver style Greek salad (with avocado), Potato salad with horseradish and prosciutto (I think I added too much horseradish though!), sausage-stuffed mushrooms and rustic rhubarb tarts. My brother was in Ecuador for a month shadowing doctors and building houses, and he brought me back this awesome striped Alpaca blanket! I guess he knows me better than I thought! I love it. It's thin but so cozy.


Also I forgot to share the only thing I bought while I was in Montréal! Tiny wooden scoops. I found them in a random kitchen store at the market. I'm going to use them for my various flours. My baking shelf is a complete mess, so next time we find ourselves at Ikea I want to get some glass jars and start to organize all my gluten-free flours. Exciting stuff, I know.



Prêt à Porter P said...

You make everything look so chic. I like that little wooden apple container thing too. Good call for your brother on the blankets.

Brigadeiro said...

I agree with H from Pret a Porter P on all accounts! :)

styleodyssey said...

I agree w/ Pret, too!
That blanket looks warm and soft, and works well w/ the other bedding.

Hal said...

Really love the way the blanket looks with the pillow.


DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

home stuff is really the most exciting stuff for me. you have a such great taste - wish i could see the rest of your place!

Pennerad said...

beautiful blanket. nothing looks this chic at my house...perhaps it's the lighting, lol. :)
and nothing gets me more excited than kitchen items. except maybe shoes.

vnikali said...

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i like it !