Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Boris Bidjan Saberi SS11 from scoute on Vimeo.






images via sz

I love the textures and treatments in this collection- so essential with monochromatic looks. I really enjoy the levels of layering here too, how each layer is a bit longer than the next, and so on. Lots of inspiration for my own layering, and one of those collections where I hope the smallest size might even remotely fit me.


Prêt à Porter P said...

I think the outerwear is really the stand out pieces. Sometimes I wish I had more of seasons here to justify more outerwear purchases. I admire this look of leather jackets with the ribbed inner sleeve.

styleodyssey said...

All this grey drapiness really gets my attention. The aesthetic here is something to which I'm always drawn.
I appreciate a layered effect, especially when we're talking about items that can easily be added or shed as needed. (I can't wait to get reacquainted with layering, now that I'll be living with seasons again.)

heleen said...

why is it that I always find menswear far more inspiring than women's fashion?

Pennerad said...

i want it all. lol.
the layering is wonderful.

catkin and teasel said...

Those fabric treatments are definitely something else. This is such a great collection.

Kirsten said...

i'm with heleen - menswear is way more my style than womens!
this is a fantastic collection. love it all.

C. said...

Beautiful collection !

A great affair said...

all your collections is very Outrageous! i like the boris-bidjan-saberi16, its definitely not gooey! perfect for heat places..

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